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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the right to run naked

while reading up the latest latimes.com update on today's controversial olympic torch run in san francisco, this entry caught my eye -- naked yoga?

Three men who billed themselves as "naked torch runners" ended up as naked torch walkers, shuffling through a thick crowd along the Embarcadero.

"We want to demonstrate the spirit of the original Olympics, which was a nudist event," said George Davis, a San Francisco writer who said his most recent book is called "Naked Yoga."

Davis, who was stark-naked except for his shoes, carried his cellphone and clothes in a satchel swung over his shoulder.

The naked men carried a 3-foot-tall cardboard torch with the words "Human Rights" written on it.

"We're here to promote human rights for everybody everywhere," Davis said.

i'm not quite sure what running naked has to do with human rights... unless running naked was a human right that the nuns conveniently neglected to teach us in elementary school?

but then again, we're talking san francisco here. this is the same city whose largest footrace, the bay to breakers 12K -- and whose catchphrase is "show me yours!" -- has a large contingent of naked runners every year (and honestly, after running alongside them a number of times, i believe i have the right to be protected from having to look at some of those bodies!)

anyway, i looked into this "naked yoga" guy and found some of his background information:

George Davis is a well known author of the book, Naked Yoga, and nudist activist. In 2007, he decided to run for mayor to serve the City of San Francisco and advance the ideas for a Free Body Culture. The Free Body Culture (FKK-Freikorperkultur) is a century old social/cultural movement advocating nudity in home, leisure, recreation, and sports. His first act as mayor would have been to work to make Golden Gate Park clothing optional like the great urban parks in Europe.

In June 2007, George was arrested and cited for indecent exposure four times with handcuffs, paddy wagon, and holding cells. All of these arrests were immediately discharged by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, because nudity is not a crime in San Francisco or the State of California unless one is lewd or blocking traffic.
(emphasis mine -- i'm filing that under: good to know)

and as for his book, here's what it's supposedly about:

Naked Yoga is a photo-illustrated book with 24 participants of various ages, races, sexes, and body shapes demonstrating yoga naked. There is a whimsical section titled,"What the world would be like if you could do naked yoga in public." The book's definition of yoga are exercises and postures that one can do with limited space and no equipment including clothing. 234 pages.

hmmm... call me a prude, but i don't think i'm ready for naked yoga in public just yet... nor naked running, for that matter...