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Thursday, March 20, 2008

spring's here!

the vernal, or spring, equinox occurred last night, march 19th, at 10:48pm PDT.

and now that it's spring, you know what that means, at least to the lucky yogis and yoginis here in so cal -- it's time for yoga on the beach!

here are some beach yoga posts i've received so far... and i'm sure i'll be getting in many more soon...

this first one is from vanda mikoloski, a yoga teacher who also happens to be a stand-up comedienne. it'll be a challenging class, only because you'll be moving, breathing, and laughing, all at the same time :)

Fun Yoga on the Beach with Vanda
(Touring teacher for the Dixie Chicks)
Certified Yoga Instructor - 12 years experience

When? Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 9-10:15am (note change: NO friday classes)
Where? Rose Avenue and the water’s edge. Bring a big bed sheet!
How much? First Class Free. Any Love offering $5-$20 accepted after that.
Details or consultation about your special needs, (360) 789-1466

I teach a fun class, an eclectic style informed by many yogic traditions, custom-designing the practice to your needs. I'm 48, so I've hurt myself enough that I can teach you not to.

We work from exactly where you are right now. We have fun celebrating being fully alive in the bodies we have right now. I'll remind you how perfect and radiant you truly are!

Must like laughing.

and this one came from the nice folks at the yoga loft and the pilates room & yoga lounge, both in manhattan beach. make sure you mark your calendars, because it'll be a morning of great yoga for a great cause!

In celebration of Earth Day 2008, The Pilates Room & Yoga Lounge and Yoga Loft are joining forces to organize a charity Yoga-Thon and special Pilates Mat class on Saturday, April 19, from 8am-1pm.... Your $25 participation fee will benefit 4 charities: Surfrider Foundation, Room to Read, the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation, and Off the Mat Into The World.

The event, to be held on the sand just south of Manhattan Beach Pier at 11th Street, will include a Pilates Mat class, a Yoga Mala (set of 108 sun salutes), 2 fifteen-minute seated meditations, and will culminate with live West African drumming featuring members of the Baker-Tarpaga Dance Project.

More information to come soon! Please visit thepilatesroom.com or yogaloftmb.com after March 25, 2008 to see the schedule of events and to download a registration form.