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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

yogamonth 09.2008

it's about time i made good on my commitment.

last november, i added my name to the list of supporters of the yogamonth 09.2008 campaign. by doing so, i said i would spread the word about this movement to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

but i got caught up in everything else and never got around to it...

... until i received an email update from them earlier this evening and realized that their big 09/2008 yoga health festival tour is only six months away!

so in a nutshell, this is what yogamonth is all about:

Yoga Month is a grassroots, community-based global campaign to educate people about the health benefits of yoga and to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Month is a year-round campaign and will peak Sept. 2008 with millions of health and social conscious individuals practicing yoga at thousands of yoga studios and homes around the world.

Join the Yoga Health Revolution. Our intention with Yoga Month and the Yoga Health Festivals is to inspire and motivate. It is time to create a healthy lifestyle for ourselves, our children and family and community.

The Yoga Month campaign is produced and administered by the Yoga Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of California. Proceeds will benefit the Youth Health Alliance and health education for underserved children.

so far, various yoga studios and instructors have signed on to host events and spread the word. and as expected, los angeles is going to play a key role -- yogamonth will be partnering with the global mala project here in LA on september 21st!

here's the big announcement:

Global Mala Project partnering with Yoga Health Foundation and Yoga Health Festivals Sept. 21
We are happy to announce that the Global Mala Project will be produced and hosted by the Yoga Health Foundation as part of the Yoga Health Festival. The main GLOBAL MALA event will be held in Los Angeles 9/21 with inspirational teachers, celebrities and conscious musicians. Shiva Rea, the initiator of Global Mala RISE! Peace in Action, is fully supporting and leading the Sept. 21 event with 108 Sun Salutations and Trance Dance.

getting the tie-in with the GMP was such a coup that they decided to rearrange their schedule around it. and while it's a one-day event in all other cities, it'll be two entire days here in LA (yeah, we're special!):

New dates for 10 City Yoga Health Festival Tour
Because of our partnership with Global Mala Project, our team made the decision to change the dates for the Yoga Health Festival. One of the reasons is to create a really powerful and inspiring event in Los Angeles Sept. 20-21. Please get involved as a sponsor, exhibitor, media partner, volunteer.

9/1 Labor Day - Miami
9/5 Friday - Boston
9/7 Sunday - New York City
9/10 Wednesday - Chicago
9/13 Saturday - Denver
9/17 Wednesday - Austin
9/20-21 Sat./Sun. - Los Angeles (Sunday with Global Mala)
9/24 Wednesday - San Diego
9/27 Saturday - San Francisco
10/4 Saturday - Vancouver

in each city, the health festival tour will include lectures, concerts, exhibits, and mini yoga sessions focusing on healing or preventing a variety of issues such as heart disease, obesity, menopause, stress, back pain, diabetes and more. there will be free products, free food, and best of all, free yoga :)

so get involved now and click here to turn your passion into action!