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Thursday, March 06, 2008

paris and her guru

paris hilton was spotted recently with her "guru" walking through the aisles of the bodhi tree bookstore then dining next door at the urth caffe. while there, she gave a diamond necklace to a woman seated at the table beside her, then claimed she did so because "the greatest gift is to give".

of course, the paparazzi were there and recorded it all; click here for tmz's coverage of the "event" (turns out it was all staged -- it's going to be a scene in a new show called pop fiction on E! where the media is punk'd instead of celebs).

she must've come up with the idea after reading my blog entry about how i had spent time last summer with my own "guru", the great yogadawg. we dined at the same urth caffe then walked over to the same bodhi tree bookstore to attend an enlightening yogic performance by the brilliant vanda mikoloski.

i always knew i was a trendsetter... :)