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Friday, May 09, 2008

news from the south bay

i was at the just-opened yogaworks south bay location earlier this evening, and while i was waiting in the lobby for my class to start -- i know, you're wondering how i managed to score a class WITHOUT signing up for a membership... i'll fill you in on that later -- anyway, there i was, quietly minding my own business when i happened to hear "yogasofia" mentioned over and over again...

it was only after class that my curiosity finally got the best of me; i just had to ask. and it turned out that the front desk staff had the answer. or at least enough information to answer my question.

from what i was told, students at yogasofia were being met with a sign posted on the studio's front door when they showed up for class. it basically told them that their YS series and packages would now be honored at the YW south bay location.

wait a minute... does this mean that yogasofia closed down? is that why i haven't been getting any email updates from them recently?

as soon as i got home, i checked the yogasofia website and found this update:


Studio Closing and joining YogaWorks!

We have discovered another beer leak (BEER LEAK??) in our studio. :( We've now been told the plumbing is old, and we have no assurance that this will be permanently resolved, though the owner made a valiant effort 8 months ago.

We have found a NEW HOME for our yogis!! We reached out to the yoga community and were given a red carpet roll-out by none other than the beautiful YOGAWORKS at PCH and Rosecrans! All your YS packages are good there, BUT IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU CALL BEFORE ATTENDING A CLASS: (310) 322-6500 and PLEASE ASK FOR A "YOGA ADVISOR."

YW South Bay has a beautiful, sustainable/eco-friendly yoga center with showers, a rope wall, free parking, and an amazing schedule of classes. Nearby is the all-new, giant Whole Foods and Veggie Grill.

VIPs will be contacted this week so they can receive ALL their remaining massages and benefits together.

SUNDAY FREE BEACH FITNESS WALKS continue so you can share any thoughts you might have -- or just have a great Walk in the beautiful ocean air! Meet at 9am this Sunday (May 4) and for many Sundays thereafter! Meet under the blue YS Awning out front, wearing walking shoes. Our pace is brisk! Ends at 9:30. Parking is free till 10am.

To view the YW Schedule, go to www.yogaworks.com. Click on LOS ANGELES (Top Right), then SCHEDULE, then SOUTH BAY.

Please join me in Embracing Change as only yogis can! I hope we can all conceive that this transition might be a powerfully GOOD thing for each of us, if we give it a chance to show us how.

Email me at: yoga@yogasofia.com

My Love and Heartfelt Thanks to Each of You -- Members and Staff Alike!!

Namaste! Sofia

i don't know about you, but it sounds like yogasofia's studio closure isn't a temporary thing. and with all things considered, other than the fact that YS students who live/work in hermosa beach (where YS is located) now have to travel a few miles away to el segundo (where YW south bay is located), this transition DOES sound like a good thing.

point 1: the class schedule
yogasofia had one classroom. yogaworks has two. you do the math. add to that the fact that yogaworks recruits many of the best teachers in or near the south bay (having all that cash to wave around helps, i'm sure). so far, so good.

point 2: the facilities
there's no way you can even try to compare yogasofia's intimate home with yogaworks' palatial digs. it's like trying to compare a best western with a ritz-carlton. not that i have anything against best westerns...

point 3: the parking
one definitely needed cash and/or parking karma to find a parking spot in hermosa beach near the pier, especially during the summer. not so at plaza el segundo, where parking is plentiful and FREE. you might have to walk a bit if you get there during the busy part of the day, but remember: it's FREE!

point 4: the cost
if you currently hold a yogasofia package, that is, a monthly or annual plan, renewing it shouldn't be a problem; the yogasofia and yogaworks rates are pretty much the same. and if you bought a 5-, 10-, or 20-class YS series, yogaworks will honor the remaining classes on your series...

BUT -- and this is where it gets interesting -- will they continue to let you buy series passes? or even more importantly, at least to me, is this: if you were a yogasofia drop-in, will you be allowed to drop-in at yoga works south bay and skirt past the MEMBERSHIP ONLY restriction? leave it to me to try to find a loophole... you know i'm going to to ask :)