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Friday, July 11, 2008

summer yoga etiquette

i received this friendly reminder from the nice folks at liberation yoga. since i found its tone quite refreshing, as well as appropriate for this time of year, i'd like to share it with all of you.

stay cool!

Ahhh, the warm days of summer are upon us and while that means fun in the sun, sweet summer nights, refreshing beverages and vacations it can also mean things less pleasant when it comes to sweaty yoga bodies! In an effort to maintain an environment that we can all enjoy, that is sanitary and just good clean fun - we have a few requests and suggestions to take us through this season - and beyond!

We encourage sweat and the detoxification process that is an integral part of some styles of yoga that we practice at Liberation. There is nothing more liberating than working up a good sweat and feeling the lightness and clarity that arises from that sort of practice! However, since we don't practice in a vacuum and one person's sweet nectar is another person's nightmare we suggest you do your best to come to class as fresh as possible and with clean yoga clothes! It's often the damp clothes in the back of the car worn for the second time that cause the trouble and not the natural body. We don't want you to miss class because a hard day's work has left you a little wilted - so just be sure to have clean clothes with you and maybe consider carrying some simple natural products with you for a quick spruce up!

Also if you have left a little puddle in the room near your mat as a result of your supreme yogic efforts, please wipe that up before leaving too.

Thank you so much for your understanding and attentiveness to this - we want everyone to feel comfortable, free, respected, and welcome. It's going to be a sweet summer!!