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Thursday, July 03, 2008

a new addition to my list of studios

there's a new addition to my list of yoga studios: yoga works - south bay

mind you, the studio's been open since the end of april, but since it was only accessible to yogaworks members -- that is, those who join on a monthly or annual basis, rather than those who buy a series pass or pay the single class rate -- i couldn't just drop in and take a class. and unless i actually take a class at a studio, it doesn't make it to my list :(

in fact, i was so upset by its restricted access policy that i posted something about it last march after i spoke with representatives at their pre-opening sales office.

in may, i finally was able to take a class there, not because i pulled strings to get in, but because they had a mother's day promotion. yet because i got in via a special promotion, rather than because i merely dropped in, i continued to hold off adding their name to the list. call me stubborn.

in june, i paid them another visit, this time for a 108 sun salutation workshop to celebrate the summer solstice. and because the class was designated as a workshop, everyone -- both members and non-members alike -- were able to take it because everyone had to pay the separate workshop fee. so once again, i was able to get in without possessing a YW membership. and as far as i was concerned, that still didn't make them list-worthy.

earlier this week, i received a letter from the studio manager which started out something like this:

Dear Yogi,

As you may have heard, YogaSofia recently closed its doors. To insure that her clients are able to continue, or re-start, their yoga practices Sofia has arranged for a complimentary week at Yoga Works new studio in the South Bay...

and since i used to take classes every now and then at yogasofia in hermosa beach, the offer was being extended to me :)

when i first found out about yogasofia's closing, it seemed that the arrangement with yoga works only applied to those holding yogasofia's monthly and annual passes. but now they've rolled out the welcome mat to yogasofia drop-ins as well. so for a week, i'll be able to drop in whenever i please. all i'll have to do is flash my pass and sign up for a class. any class. on any day, at any time of the day. you'd better believe i'm going to be there as often as i can during that seven-day period! thanks, sofia!

so is that why i've finally decided to add yoga works - south bay to my yoga studio list as well as to my platial map? well, no. actually, the reason is because i recently found out that yogaworks south bay finally accepts drop-ins. well, sort of. they now allow one drop-in per month, although i'm not sure if they're referring to one per calendar month, or once every 30 days. regardless, it looks like it's finally a step towards an open door policy, and that's what i was hoping to hear :)