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Thursday, June 05, 2008

news from the city desk

just received a couple of emails from the folks at city yoga, who are celebrating their 9th anniversary this month. congratulations to the city crew!

the first one was a thank-you from rebecca and anthony to the entire city yoga kula:

In the nine years of being in business we have had many ups and downs, highs and lows, happy and sad times. Through all of it you all have warmed the hearts of those in need, celebrated with great joy, lent a hand, a truck, a tool, delivered food, raised money, built two houses.. whatever it took to help the community. Our hearts are humbled and grateful. All month we are offering discounts around the studio. Pick up a coupon page the next time you're in or just go online and download it there.

Please know that as you grow, we grow. When you tell us what you think, we listen. We welcome you all to give us feedback at anytime about how City Yoga can better serve you. We look forward to another nine years serving this vibrant and fearless community.

Thank you!

Rebecca and Anthony

their update also included some good news regarding camilla bergstrom's amazing recovery after her freak accident barely a month ago:

We are thrilled to inform you that Camilla will be back to teaching her Saturday class on June 21 @ 10:30. She is a bit nervous as we can all imagine. She misses you all and is anxious to be back amongst the healing energy of the classroom.

It is with more gratitude that we would like to announce that the fundraiser we held for Camilla raised over $5000! Your generous donations have allowed her to rest fully and help pay some of her living and medical expenses.

they also attached this letter from camilla:

To all my beautiful friends and yogis,

I wish I could individually thank each and every one of you who have reached out in so many creative, powerful and loving ways. It feels very impersonal to send out a mass letter like this, but one of the many lessons I have learned through all this is to allow myself to receive. Please know you all are a huge part of my healing. Nothing is more healing than love and because of all of you I truly feel I will get through this. THANK YOU from the deepest place in my heart.

Most of all, no words can describe the gratitude I feel for Anthony and Rebecca who created a chain of love, so unconditional, and reached out to all of you when I needed it the most. Their action is a true testimony of what this path of Yoga is all about. I feel honored to have such great friends in my life.

Much love and gratitude


the second email arrived the next day. anthony's message was a bit puzzling to me; i still don't know what to make of it:

Dear Friends,

I write to all of you with mixed emotions to say that I have chosen to resign my certification as an Anusara Yoga teacher. It is a decision that I have made after much deliberation. John Friend and Anusara Yoga have been my teachers for the last ten years, and they have immensely shaped my teaching and informed much of what I know about the yoga practice. For that I will be forever grateful.

My decision to leave is out of respect for John and this community. My teaching, philosophy and practice have deep roots in Anusara and have been consistent with it's principles. However, as City Yoga embraces its ninth anniversary, I realize that my vision of the kula we have cultivated at our studio diverges from the Anusara community mission. With due respect to John's vision and policies, I have decided to leave the official Anusara movement. I will continue to work hard in the yoga community of Los Angeles to make City Yoga a model for the study and practice of yoga, for social engagement and personal growth.

I am excited about what lies ahead for me and for the future of City Yoga in the coming years. As I move forward in my teaching and my life, I will always hold deep appreciation for John and love for the Anusara community that nurtured me. I look forward to continued collaboration with my Anusara friends as City Yoga explores new possibilities and opportunities.

With gratitude and respect,

Anthony Benenati

wow... resigning his certification? is this equivalent to renouncing one's faith or one's citizenship?

life in the big city... gotta love it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, what's that all about?

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