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Monday, May 12, 2008

gratuitous yoga

just as gratuitous sex scenes usually add nothing to a movie's story line and are mere attempts to draw audiences to movie theaters, these yoga videos can't really be considered educational, but if they get more men to do yoga, they've done their job. besides, we could always use more gender balance in class :)

here's a selection from a youtube series called yoga 4 dudes. let's watch as holly, noemi, tara, and andrew demonstrate some of the more common yoga positions:

episode 1 - yoga 4 dudes 4 ever
~ kinky arm stretches
~ cat cow
~ upward boodhi
~ sun salutations

episode 2 - yoga 4 dudes 2
~ naughty shodhana
~ chair pose
~ forward blooming lotus

episode 3 -yoga 4 dudes 3
~ floating tantric superman
~ bow pose
~ child pose

episode 4 - yoga 4 dudes 4 (and thanks to andrew's reaction to one of the poses, this one's been labeled as inappropriate for some audiences)
~ really nice puji
~ bridge pose
~ upward bow
~ full blooming lotus

episode 5 - yoga 4 dudes 5
behind the scenes!

don't even ask me how i found these...