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Saturday, May 17, 2008

a capital time, part two

when we last left off, i had just finished day one of my grand yoga tour of DC. so here we are, one day down, three to go...

day two - saturday

after the insanity of the previous day -- barely sleeping, barely eating, and barely staying put -- i thought it best to ditch my alarm clock when i went to bed and just let my body wake up on its own when it was good and ready. looking back, i realize that it was a pretty risky idea; i had to be back on the road at noon for a vinyasa flow + live music class. talk about living life on the edge.

thankfully, i was roused when my sister started moving about (true sister-bonding can only happen when you actually see each other, so given my hectic schedule, we shared my hotel room so that we could take advantage of what little free time i had).

since she had no interest in taking a yoga class with me -- and i have no idea why -- she left to take care of her errands while i hopped on the metro once again, this time bound for the mcpherson square station. it was a beautiful spring day, so i didn't mind having to walk the half mile from the station to my next class.

Flow Yoga Center
1450 P Street NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 462-FLOW (3569)
website: www.flowyogacenter.com

Our philosophy is simple—we embrace the 5000+ year old idea that a conscious yoga practice can transform individuals both spiritually and physically. Yoga helps us reveal the inner wisdom that is alive, uniquely, in each of us, and helps to remove obstacles to encourage that river of wisdom to freely flow. Yoga can help make the choices that are the best for ourselves and the community around us. This, we believe, is the essential foundation for a life of fulfillment, peace and ultimately freedom. On the lighter side, yoga is fun and practicing feels wonderful and who can't use more of that!

i had heard about flow yoga's so-called "yoga love fest" while researching their DC yoga week offerings. unfortunately, it wasn't included in their list of $5 classes; but it was just too tempting to let pass, even if it did cost me a whopping $40 for a just-under-two-hours class:

Join musician and Kirtan Master David Newman "Durga Das" as he accompanies Jill Abelson in a special yoga class infusing the power of dynamic vinyasa sequencing, live music and Kirtan chanting - and penetrate deep into opening the heart chakra and your own boundless creative potential. This class will empower you to let go of pain and resentment, allowing the experience of bhakti (love and compassion) to arise.
Appropriate for those with comfort in Flow's "Open Flow" class levels.

when i saw yogadawg the day before and told him about the class, his ears perked up -- he'd been wanting to meet david newman ever since david posted a thumbs-up about the dawg's blog site.

agreeing to meet the dawg at flow saturday morning, i got there before he did, giving me just enough time to browse through the clothing rack and pick out another logo cami to add to my collection. who me, a compulsive souvenir shopper? what ever made you think that? :)

by the time yogadawg showed up, i had already reeled david newman into a conversation. i introduced the two, and they took it from there.

sometime during the course of our chat, the three of us had somehow agreed to meet again in philadelphia -- david was based there and would have to go home sooner or later, i wanted to visit my daughter in college, and it was close enough to yogadawg to be a quick train ride. funny how instead of planning my travel around marathons, i'm now filling my calendar with out-of-town yoga adventures. if you had told me three years ago that i'd be doing this, i would have told you that you probably had me mistaken for someone else!

as for the "love fest" itself, we were definitely feeling the love. while david newman and mira led the class in a short kirtan session at the start of class, jill abelson, our instructor, gave loving back and shoulder rubs to each student. then with the live music continuing to soothe and open our hearts and souls, jill led us through a delicious vinyasa flow to help soothe and open up our shoulders, hips, and backs. by the time our class ended, i was so blissed out that i was glad i didn't have to rush out to be anywhere anytime soon. i had the rest of the day at my leisure... what luxury!

day three - sunday

sunday was the day of the big earth day event and concert on the mall, which unfortunately got cut short when an even bigger storm blew in and soaked everyone and everything. by the time we reached my sister's place, peeled off our soggy jeans, and changed into dry clothing, i was in no mood to head back out for the yoga class i had planned to take later that evening. too bad, though, because the class was to be my last for this trip. but then again, could you blame me for just wanting to stay dry and stuff my belly with hot food? i didn't think so.

day four - monday

with no yoga on my agenda (only because i couldn't find a morning class that would get me back to the hotel and showered before check-out time), my sister decided to take the day off work and play DC tourist with me. after choosing to sleep in once again, we began our day with some yummy crabcake sandwiches for lunch at c f folks near dupont circle, then visited the newly-opened newseum museum on 16th street between the white house and the capitol. the day was just too short to do everything i'd hoped to do; before i knew it, i was saying goodbye to my sister -- and to washington DC -- as i made my way to the plane that would fly me back home.


david newman returned to LA this past weekend for another kirtan at sacred movement. i walked up to him to say hello, and without much prompting, he remembered not only where we had last met, but also that we had planned to reconvene later this year in philly. so yogadawg, if you're reading this, mark your calendar; it looks like we're headed for the city of brotherly love in november! :)


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