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Sunday, June 15, 2008

the yoga works website is down?!?

i'm not sure exactly when their website went down, but my not having access to the yoga works online class schedule has definitely put a crimp in my weekend's yoga class selection process, especially since there are a number of teacher substitutions due to the father's day holiday :(

i've had to resort to accessing up-to-date information the old-fashioned way -- i've called the front desks of the various locations to find out who's teaching what and when. it's scary how my practice has become so internet-dependent!

anyway, here are the phone numbers of the different yoga works locations, just in case you don't have them programmed into your cell phone or committed to memory:

yoga works center for yoga, larchmont - (323) 464-1276
yoga works main street, santa monica - (310) 664-6470
yoga works montana avenue, santa monica - (310) 393-5150
yoga works pacific palisades - (310) 454-7000
yoga works south bay - (310) 322-6500
yoga works westlake village - (805) 371-3030
yoga works westwood - (310) 234-1200