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Sunday, March 01, 2009

now open! well, sort of...

a little over a week ago, i posted the invite to the hub's grand opening celebration. i was looking forward to attending the event, not only because i'd finally be able to check out lauri ashworth's new yoga studio and shmooze with others in the yoga community, but because there was going to be a free yoga class that evening. and you know me; if there's a deal anywhere to be had, i'm there! :)

since the hub is just over a mile from my place, i rode my bike over to its convenient location on barrington, just north of olympic, in west LA. i was warmly greeted by lauri, who informed me that the blessing ceremony had already started. i quickly made my way to the large asana room and sat on the floor with the small group that was busy chanting around a yantra, or religious diagram. we were soon joined by other latecomers; by the time it was over, the room was filled with teachers, friends, and other well-wishers.

after the ceremony, while the temple bhajan band entertained the crowd with their music, i nibbled on the light vegetarian lunch that was graciously provided to us. interestingly enough, i noticed that the guests in the buffet line included the construction crew... it turns out that they'd been busily working since early that morning, trying to finish as much as they could before the noontime festivities! but by no means did the place look unfinished; the interior was beautifully-constructed with a pebble-wash entryway, light wood classroom flooring, translucent windows separating the entrance from the main asana room, and soft overhead lighting.

while we were busy celebrating, the UPS man arrived with a much-awaited delivery of yoga props and accessories. and the computer guy showed up to hook up their front desk computer to the internet. things were quickly falling into place!

since that opening party, i've been to the studio at least four times, each time to try out another teacher**. and all classes have been excellent. and free of charge. why free? because until the hub successfully meets all fire and safety regulations, they can't officially be considered open for business. so until then, all classes will be offered FREE to the community. just know, though, that since there are only a few more minor details that need to be attended to, the gratis offer may not last much longer...

one thing to note is that some of the daytime classes may need to be cancelled to allow the work crew to get things done; so make sure you call or check the website for the most current schedule. having to check for last-minute cancellations might be a bit inconvenient, but it really isn't much to ask for, considering the excellent classes you'll be getting in return.

i plan to keep going back for more, even after the free trial period is over :)

** the beauty of the roster of teachers at the hub is that it's filled with instructors who, up until now, taught only in the valley or studios east of the 405. take, for example, the teachers i've taken classes with so far:

~ ryan brewer is also at liberation yoga in the miracle mile district
~ vickie howie is also at rising lotus in sherman oaks and yoga blend in burbank
~ sabrina kappler is also at mission street yoga in south pasadena
~ and tad robichaux is also at guerilla yoga in hollywood

so i guess you could say my taking classes at the hub is helping me save on gas -- i don't have to drive out to all these teachers because they now come to me!