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Friday, May 22, 2009

dare to go bare?

lululemon has recently been promoting their online shopping site with the catchphrase: shop nude! the idea being that when you're shopping from the comfort of your home, it doesn't matter what you're wearing; in fact, you don't have to be wearing anything at all (just make sure you have the shades pulled down when you do!)

it seems like someone else wants to similarly promote their yoga studio by inviting all students to come practice nude. but there's a catch: you have to be male. and gay (although i didn't hear anything about straight men not being allowed to attend).

so while i'm posting this promo that was recently sent to me, i'll never get a chance to check the place out for myself and see what it's like. but since it IS about a yoga studio in LA, i probably should pass the information along. especially since it involves mingling with other like-minded yogis at a grand opening party on the 31st of this month. hmmm... maybe someone can write back and tell me how it went?

anyway, here's the invite. by the way, i'm sure the place is legit because i know one of their teachers and have taken many classes with him... at your usual male/female fully-clothed yoga studios, that is :)

Aaron Star's Hot Nude Yoga
Los Angeles Opening Class and Party
May 31 @ 4:30 PM
Opening Class @ 7:00 PM

I am excited and thrilled beyond measure to tell you that we have a new home, and it is our real home now. It is a large house located at 1400 N Fuller Ave (between Sunset and Fountain) with a beautiful large space for our practice.

Please join us for our Opening Celebration and Party on Sunday, May 31 at 4:30 PM.
We will be offering a class at 7:00 PM. (The door will close at 6:50 for this class.)
(No RSVP required!) Please bring some refreshments!
Please remember that we close the doors on time. If you are late, you will not be let in.
Please park on the street as there is plenty of free parking.
Cost: $20

If you wish to participate in this special opening class, please bring the following to class as they are NOT provided:
Yoga Mat We rent mats at the studio for $5

and here's a little bit more about the studio itself:

NYC Hot Nude Yoga Founder Reaches Out to LA and Opens HNY LA’s First Studio Home
* Aaron Star of the ‘Hot Nude Yoga Series,’ Featured in Out Magazine and On Here TV, becomes ‘bicoastal’ and opens new Hollywood yoga studio.

Los Angeles - May 14, 2009 - Hot Nude Yoga, the first Gay Owned and Gay Run yoga studio exclusively for men looking for a greater sense of freedom and connection with each other, is opening a studio in LA.

For the past eight years, Aaron Star has been teaching Hot Nude Yoga at his New York City studio and leading workshops and retreats from India to Columbus, Ohio, and France to Costa Rica. Gay.com recently wrote, “Many people credit Aaron Star of New York's Hot Nude Yoga with starting the gay naked yoga revolution.” Recognized world-wide as groundbreaking for Gay Men and for the Yoga World, Star’s videos are available on Here TV.

Information and downloadable videos available at: HotNudeYoga.com

What makes Hot Nude Yoga Hot?
Many gay men have no option but to practice yoga in classes with straight women in the majority. Hot Nude Yoga offers a haven for Gay men to feel at home, while being taught by certified teachers of popular yoga styles such as Jivamukti , Anusara and Vinyasa flow classes.

Aaron Star also offers his signature Tantra Yoga classes, embodying the ideals and motto of Hot Nude Yoga.

Hot Nude Yoga hopes to attract new students with ads using the tag line: “Take Your Consciousness To A New Realm.” Star explains: “Coming to yoga is not about having a tight ass that looks and feels great naked -- it’s more. It’s about learning to feel at one with your self as a man in today’s society, being confident and clairvoyant with one’s self. Our motto is -- "Live Fearlessly and Become Limitless.”

Hot Nude Yoga offers up to 10 classes a week plus special workshops. Drop-ins for regular classes are $20. For class times and location information log on to: www.hotnudeyoga.com