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Friday, June 12, 2009

the ananda LA center is on the move!

the ananda LA center in santa monica will be closing its doors at the end of this month.

not to worry; from what i've heard, it appears that they're merely migrating from a centralized system to a distributed system (my apologies, but that's the computer geek in me talking!)

here are some excerpts from the email updates i've received so far:

Ananda LA is changing form and relocating in order to serve you better.

Two years ago we brought Ananda to LA and opened this Center in Santa Monica. It's been a great location-very visible and successful in getting us anchored and starting to establish a presence.

Swami Kriyananda describes Ananda as a spiritual movement rather than a place. The word itself means bliss or happiness, a state of mind rather than an outward form. One of Ananda's main focuses is building spiritual community. We've created communities in several cities and in three countries. These have taken many different forms, often starting with a big house that served as an "ashram" for people to live together.

Many of you come to Ananda LA from long distances and have expressed that you can't come as often as you would like. In order to serve and involve more of you and at the same time start a community effort, we've decided to make two changes: Create a dynamic team of traveling teachers, so we can come to your area and provide classes; Rent a large group house to begin to provide community. This way we'll be able to hold classes, retreats, kirtans etc. in several locations, along with using the house as an Ananda LA Center.

Ananda LA in Santa Monica is giving birth to 6 Ananda Meditation/Satsang groups in Southern California:

Santa Monica: Rose Gradel with Francis Taub and Sharon McElroy
Thousand Oaks: Sherwood and Gayle Brown with Jill Barker
Pasadena: Ana Romero
Orange County: Elizabeth Schendel and Rosie Cameron
Encinitas: Casey and Joy Hughes
West Hollywood/Hancock Park: Paul Fetler and Lisa Kaz

Ananda SouthBay Center: Turiya Moore began this Center in 2002 and is well established. He and Ashleigh Bayer are dynamically serving the South Bay area. www.anandasouthbay.org

What Ananda LA will be offering:

· Regular weekly meditations through the Meditation/Satsang groups.
· Sunday Morning Inspiration in one location or in a rotation of two locations, twice per month.
· Four theme Retreatson various topics and two weekend Yoga Retreats per year led by Ananda teachers, in locations around L.A.
· How to Meditate workshops, at least once per month, at locations around the LA area.
· Ananda Yoga Teacher Training.
· Meditation Teacher Training.
· Spiritual Counselor Certification Program.
· Lectures throughout the LA area, open to the public.
· Pilgrimagesto Yogananda's shrines twice per year. These also give you a chance to meet Ananda folks from all around the country.
· 7-10 day Yoga Vacation/Retreats at an eco-resort in Mexico. You can look forward to a week of yoga on the beach, as well as spa treatments and spiritual practices.
· Brook and Sean will host at least one Social Event per month, at a variety of venues, just to get together and have fun.

How You Can Participate:

· Get involved in a Meditation/Satsang group near you.
· Volunteer to host a class in your home or in a venue nearby.
· Place flyers advertising classes and retreats.
· Come to Classes, Retreats and take part in a Pilgrimage.
· Start a Meditation/Satsang group in your area. Sean and Brook will help you get started and Pranaba, overall Ananda Meditation Group coordinator, will help give you any training you need.
· Support Ananda LA financially.

Special Meetings and Satsangs:

Saturday, June 13th:
Workday, 10am-5pm: We need your help to finish clearing out the Santa Monica Center. We could use your help. Also, during this time, we will also be having a:
Boutique Sale: everything is 50-75% off, including statues, malas, books, music, meditation supplies, altar cloths, body products, and more. We will also be having a:
Yard Sale: Everything must go! Including furniture, fixtures, and more.

Sunday, June 14th, 10:30 am: Our last Sunday gathering at the Center on 2210 Main Street. We'll end this phase with deep gratitude, and begin the next with prayers for an auspicious start. We'll also discuss and brainstorm ideas for this next phase. Please do what you can to come! This is going to take all of us and we want to hear from you. (Bring a cushion to sit on, as most of the chairs will be gone.)

Thursday, June 25th, 7:30pm: Jyotish and Devi, Spiritual Directors of Ananda Worldwide will be here to host a "visions for the future" meeting. We invite you to join us to help to launch this new phase with your ideas and inspirations. The location will be at Krishnadas and Mantradevi's apartment in Santa Monica. We will supply the address and directions in future emails.

If at all possible, please do come to at least one of this weekend's events. We look forward to seeing you.

In Divine Love and Light,
Krishnadas, Mantradevi, Sean and Brook
For Ananda LA