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Thursday, September 03, 2009

three down, twenty seven to go

last tuesday, the first day of september and the start of yoga month 2009, i pondered the various and sundry challenges i could put myself through for the next 30 days. yoga every day? yeah, i could do that. yoga every day at a different studio every day? also doable, given that there are jillions of yoga studios in town (i exaggerate, but it sure seems like it). or how about yoga every day at a different studio every day AND get to class by bike or bus? i suppose i could try that, but i seriously doubt that'll happen...

anyway, now that we're on the third day of the month, here's how things have gone so far:

day 1, tuesday - choosing which class/studio to take was a no-brainer. with it being the opening day of the new donation-based yogis anonymous studio in santa monica, right off the third street promenade, i knew that i had to take ally hamilton's "hurts so good" class. not only did i want to show her my support (since she's the mastermind behind YA), but i also wanted to find out exactly what would hurt and how good it would hurt. apparently, there were many others who had the same thing in mind; despite the late hour (an 8:30pm start on a school night!), the room was packed with students of all shapes and sizes and abilities. as it turned out, the hardest thing for me wasn't getting through the class; rather, it was my not being able to eat dinner until after class was over! luckily, the calbi BBQ truck was parked right around the corner, so i was able to pick up a korean-mexican tofu burrito on my way home and chow down as i watched the "women in cults" WEtv episode that night...

day 2, wednesday - i promised my friend joe matias that i'd drop off some flyers for my marathon training group (the la leggers) at his running store in atwater village (a runner's circle) the first chance i had. and that first chance happened to be on the day he was off (of course, i didn't find that out until after i set foot in his store). it was all good; i actually ended up using the trip as an excuse to visit a yoga studio i hadn't been to in a while: silverlake yoga. i got there just in time for laurie parlapiano's community flow class. there were only three of us in class, so for a mere $8, i ended up in what could be considered a semi-private class. such a deal! we all received lots of hands-on attention from laurie; after i told her about my hypermobile SI joint problem, she kept a watchful eye on me to make sure i didn't do anything to aggravate the joint. learning all those do's and don'ts from her definitely made my long drive worth the time and the gas!

day 3, thursday - i had a late morning massage appointment in brentwood, so i popped by the 12:45pm all-levels class with gabi (who turned out to be a he, not a she) at maha yoga. and the hour-long class cost me only $10. score! gabi had us doing so many strength and balance poses that i was drenched in sweat by the time we were done... and i promptly rehydrated by downing an iced tea from the starbucks store downstairs, followed by an iced coffee from the nomnom bahn mi truck that i had stopped at to get lunch. yes, it's another food truck in LA :)

three down, twenty seven to go...

the month's just started, and already i have a slew of plans lined up for the rest of september:

sept 4th, friday - 108 sun salutations fundraiser class at yogaglo with kia miller, annie carpenter, ally hamilton, julian walker, tommy rosen, mark blanchard, and joan hyman. proceeds go to yoga aid and global mala.

sept 5th, saturday - art exhibit/yoga class/live music/BBQ fundraiser at yogaglo with robert sturman, marlize joubert, and masood ali khan. proceeds go to off the mat, into the world. there's also an intro to acroyoga class at the shiatsu school earlier that morning that i'm considering doing. two classes in a day? we'll see.

sept 6th, sunday - marc holzman is taking guerilla yoga on the road... and his destination: yogaglo! i know, taking three classes back-to-back at the same studio goes totally against my plan to hit a different studio every day. but in this case, i'm going to go ahead and call this third one a guerilla yoga class. which it is. so there :)

then farther out into the month:

sept 11th thru 13th, friday thru sunday - bhakti fest at joshua tree retreat center near palm springs. i'll be volunteering at this 3-day kirtan and yoga festival. and i'll be camping, too. it'll be wild! i'm halfway expecting it to be a cross between woodstock and burning man.... you never know... oh, and it'll end sunday afternoon with a series of 108 sun salutations as a fundraiser for yoga aid. yes, my second 108 in two weeks!

sept 20th, sunday - global mala celebration at the HAX hangar in hawthorne. and the main event is -- you guessed it -- another 108 sun salutes! that'll be three in a row for me in as many weeks. insane! i'm volunteering at this one, too, so if you'll be there, look for me...

it's way past my bedtime; i really should get some sleep, especially since i have those first 108 coming up in less than 14 hours. eek!