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Sunday, October 04, 2009


my alarm clock went off at 7:30 this morning.

cursing it as i reached for the snooze button, it gently reminded me that i was the one who set it last night. perhaps because i wanted to take a sunday morning yoga class?


i fired up my laptop and checked my bookmarked emails, websites, and facebook pages.

i had skipped my yoga class yesterday because i was busy stressing out over an expired passport (i'm leaving for the philippines next weekend!) and a sky-high cell phone bill (who's racking up all those minutes anyway?). so i considered sweating it out in a morning class filled with obsessively-driven yogis. steve ross at maha was being subbed by tom morley. vinnie marino at yogaworks main street was being subbed by kia miller. and matt reyes at yogahop was being subbed by... himself.

but just thinking about all that sweat made me want to head back to bed and snooze some more... so i did.

half an hour later, i went back to my laptop and checked the freebie bin.

FREE sunday morning community classes at the lululemons. beverly hills had someone named emilie from a place called jk zen fitness. since i had never heard of either, i googled "jk zen fitness" and found a website for a personal trainer named juliet kaska. and while she mentions that she's hosting lulu BH's fitness in october, she never says who emilie is. hmmm... santa monica had nicole sciacca from YAS (as in yoga for the "no sanskrit no granola" athletes). brentwood had jen pastiloff from yogaco (and i had been promising jen that i'd take her class the first chance i had). and south bay had aimee (donohue, i assume) from the yogaworks down the driveway. all at 9:30am. i still had time to make one of them. any of them.

there was the option of a FREE* kundalini class at the new truekundalini in west LA (* "free" because they had an opening special of $1 for unlimited yoga for 2 weeks, and i had already paid my buck when i took patrick lacho's class the other day). there was a "yoga aquatics" class at 10:30am. cool! and i had even more time to sit around and veg before that class.

there was also the opening special at the green yogi in manhattan beach (another new yoga studio!). all classes FREE from oct 3rd through the 12th. mary fanto (who clued me in about the new studio last week) was teaching an all-levels class at 11:15am. an even later class!

then there was my dilemma about the FREE acroyoga class for teachers with lara catone and sarah vosen at rising lotus in sherman oaks. lara had sent me a note about the class, which i took to be a personal invitation. but then again, because i know so many yoga teachers here in LA, many people automatically assume i'm one, too. but i'm not. and since the class title had "for teachers" in it, was i then excluded from the participant pool? the class would go for three hours starting at 12:30pm. so did i feel gutsy enough to drive all the way over the hill and crash the class? did i feel like waiting for FOUR hours before taking a yoga class? what if i somehow got distracted before then and missed class altogether?

what to do? where to go? or should i just go back to bed?

indecision. argh.

just then, a status update popped up from yonnus becker at studio surya yoga in venice: "Nianna (Bray) is teaching her first class today @ 10:30am. As a gift of gratitude, this class will be free to all of the Studio Surya community. Come out and welcome her."

and right after that, a tweet came in from the baby's badass burgers food truck: "BABY'S ESTIMATED TOA AT ABBOT KINNEY IS NOON TODAY. PLEASE COME SAY HI AND ENJOY OUR DELISH MANEATERS-HALF LB BURGER WITH LETTUCE, TOMATO ..."

at that moment, the skies opened up, the sun shone down on me, and i heard the voice of god (or at least someone pretending to be him) saying: "get thee on your bike, go to nianna's class at surya, then head down to the brig after class for delicious veggie sliders and sweet potato fries!"

so i did.

and god must've known better, because when i got to class, i found out that our class consisted of four male students... and me, the lone female :) it was such a thrill being surrounded by all that testosterone! :)

now that i've gotten my yoga practice in for the day (including some vegan chocolate chip cookies and some hot chai tea that nianna brought to class) AND had an extremely filling and satisfying lunch, i find myself back in front of my laptop, wondering how to spend the rest of my day.

argh. indecision.


Blogger Yogini said...

I am honored you joined us. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Love, Nianna

5:14 PM  
Blogger joni said...

i'm glad i chose to attend your class. i loved it! i'll definitely come back -- especially if the guys keep coming back, too :)

7:54 PM  
Anonymous fitness equipment said...

I have always wanted to do yoga, for the physical benefits that it offers. But I didnt join a class that was too deep, with people meditating for hours. Its good to see there are more chilled versions of yoga out there.

2:07 AM  
Blogger lynn said...

where are those veggie sliders and sweet potato fries?!?!?

10:44 AM  
Blogger joni said...

you can find the awesome veggie sliders and sweet potato fries at the bright pink baby's badass burgers truck here in LA! follow them on twitter to find out where they are at @BabysBBs

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Matt Welsh said...

Sometimes I think about participating in Yoga on a regular basis...How would I find out if the instructor is qualified and whether or not he or she believes Yoga can supplement one's spiritual practices...Is there a website I could check out for references or reviews?

11:36 AM  
Blogger joni said...

hi matt --

check with the yoga studios near you. if they have websites, see if they have webpages with teacher bios. most of them talk about who they've trained with and what style of yoga they teach. other than that, you can always talk with the people at the studio's front desk and ask them to recommend a teacher who has what you're looking for.

hope that helps! happy searching!

10:24 PM  

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