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Thursday, November 19, 2009

just another busy weekend in LA

it seems like i'm still recovering from all the activity from LAST weekend, and here i am, trying to figure out what to do THIS weekend!

after a slow start friday (doing exactly what, i can't remember), i ended up taking a yoga class that evening with jorgen christiansson at yogis anonymous called "classic yoga made in india". given that jorgen teaches the daily ashtanga class at maha yoga, it made total sense that it would turn out to be a led ashtanga class of sorts (and since i can never remember the exact sequence of the primary series, i can't tell you if we went in order or just did selected poses). after class, i grabbed a quick dinner bite at the calbi food truck parked on arizona, then moseyed over to bhakti yoga shala for joey lugassy's kirtan with ena vie, ambika leigh, josh brill, matthew hufschmidt, eddie young, ben marciano, and deepak ramapriyan. knowing that i had an early start the next morning, i left before the chantfest ended.

compared to the relative sanity of friday, i was all over the place on saturday. a 9-mile run with my marathon training group at 7am, followed by our usual post-run bonding at the coffee bean. from there, i hopped on my bike and headed over to the t-loft complex in west LA, partly for the ARTRA art exhibit, partly to check out the open house, but mainly to shmooze with the owners of the food trucks that were parked there for the event -- john at barbie's BBQ, eric at lomo arigato, and natasha at coolhaus. after downing an entire order of lomo saltado (with tofu!) for lunch from eric's truck, and being so stuffed that i had to pass on ice cream from natasha's truck (something i've NEVER done before), i got back on my bike and pedaled my heavier self back home to recharge my batteries.

at 7pm, i was back on my bike, this time headed for yogaco on the 3rd street promenade for the yogabear fundraiser class with jen pastiloff. since i was one of the early arrivals, not only was i able to chat with other friends who were already there and buy a couple of raffle tickets, but i also received a gift bag full of all kinds of goodies, including a libre tea glass which i can't wait to use! as with many events here in LA, the attendees got there late, the class started late, so in order for me to get my next stop, i had to leave before savasana (tsk tsk!). from what i heard (and saw on facebook), the event went well into the evening, with everyone having a great time with the food, the wine, the silent auction, and the raffle. and best of all, it turns out that one of my raffle tickets scored me another gift bag!

back on my bike, i swung by home just long enough to peel off my yoga clothes, freshen up, throw on a cocktail dress and heels, then hop back on my bike for the casa de milagros fundraiser at yogaglo. by the time i got there at 9pm, the party had been in full swing for almost three hours... and it was still swinging! many of the partygoers were outside, checking out the silent auction tables, drinking pomegranate saketinis, and noshing on the food from the various vendors -- the green truck, samosa house, coconut bliss, karma chow, and more. after going around hugging all the friends i could find, inhaling a samosa, then downing a saketini, i rushed into the studio to check out the dancefloor. and by then, jason bentley from KCRW was on stage, spinning his mesmerizing music while artists from lucent dossier experience were moving through the crowd. pulled into the magical spell that was cast over the room, i found myself dancing with friends late into the evening...

early sunday morning, my bike and i boarded the 8:50am big blue #10 bus bound for union station in downtown LA. our destination: the monthly flying pigeon dim sum ride led by adam bray-ali of the flying pigeon bike store in highland park. it always ends up being a fun ride through the streets of LA to a nearby restaurant for some food and camaraderie. this time we biked to the empress pavilion in chinatown, where we gorged on all kinds of dim sum delights. and luckily for me, there were a number of veggie/peskies at my table, so it was easy to just pick out the greens and seafood dishes from the carts that were going around the dining hall.

after lunch, most of the group followed adam back to the bike store while a number of us ventured towards little tokyo to check out the festivities for the newly-opened metro gold line extension. after checking to see what the different booths had to offer and deciding to pass on fighting the crowds for the ride to the eastern end, i lined up with my bike to get on the westbound train -- which we were barely able to squeeze into -- for the ride back to union station to catch the bus back home. once home, all the activity of the weekend came to a screeching stop... at that point, all i wanted to do was sit and do absolutely nothing. and that's exactly what i did!

looking at my calendar, this weekend's looking to be just as busy as the last, with the upcoming 14-mile great LA walk taking up most of saturday. i think a power nap -- or two -- is in order right about now...


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We sure hope that you like your Libre. Thanks for linking to us! Namaste.

12:31 PM  
Blogger joni said...

i have a friend who carries hers wherever she goes. i have yet to take it on a test run... but it'll be soon!

5:13 PM  

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