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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

happy national yoga month!

september is national yoga month!!

In 2008, the Department of Health and Human Services designated September as National Yoga Month. National Yoga Month is a national observance and awareness campaign to educate the population about the health benefits of yoga and to inspire both youths and adults to take responsibility for their wellbeing by focusing on prevention and healthy lifestyle choices. -- from the yoga month website

so to kick off national yoga month, i thought it would be fun to have a contest to pick five lucky yogis who'll receive a 20-pack box of ultima replenisher, courtesy of the nice people from ultima!

Ultima Replenisher is a natural sports drink with zero sugar. It contains a full complement of electrolytes, not just a ton of sodium. Ultima also contains complex carbs for energy, water-soluble vitamins and vitamin enhancers for day-to-day health maintenance, and antioxidants to protect body systems from free radicals (toxins). Ultima uses no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Top 10 Reasons to drink Ultima:
9. NATURALLY sweet. NO ARTIFICIAL ingredients
8. Better choice than PEDIALYTE® & Gatorade®
7. VEGAN friendly – GLUTEN FREE
6. Rapid absorption – Speeds FLUIDS to muscle cells
5. ESTER C® Supports the Immune System
4. Better hydration = Faster METABOLISM
3. PREGNANCY – Before, during & after labor
2. Helps CANCER patients stay hydrated — Recommended by nutritionalists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
1. Perfect for any and everyone!

in other words, it is the only 100% natural, non-GMO, gluten-, sugar-, and dye-free electrolyte beverage on the market. and it's really easy to use; all you have to do is tear open a packet, pour it into a bottle of water, shake it up, and drink!

so to get as many of you as possible in the drawing, all you have to do is answer this question:

what was the hottest yoga class you ever took?

your response can be a short one-liner, a humorous anecdote, or maybe even an story about how you ended up needed medical intervention (although i hope that never happens to anyone!).
if you can, include the yoga studio, the city it was in, the teacher teaching the class -- although in the case of a bad outcome, it's perfectly fine if you choose to keep the specifics to yourself; i'll leave it up to you.

post the answer on the accidental yogist facebook page -- you'll need to "like" the page before you can post anything on its wall -- by this friday, september 3rd, and i'll pick 5 winners at random. and if you don't have a facebook account, just post your response as a comment here and you'll have an equal chance of winning.

while don't have to be a resident of LA or southern california to win, you do have to have a US mailing address in order for me to mail your prize to you.

good luck, and i hope to get some interesting stories!

for more about yoga month and all the fun events happening around the country to observe the event, click here to visit the yoga month web site: yogamonth.org


Blogger joni said...

here are some of the comments that have been posted on my facebook page so far:

Denise R. Be Cotte - Bikram Yoga class in Long Beach...107!

Katie Gagnet - Yoga Tropics in encinitas: they have an Xtreme class that gets up to 115!

Paola Nunez - Hot Yoga Valencia :)

Aaron Flaxman - It could be a summer class in LA without AC for me.

Jason Chang - Actually a yoga class with Byran Kest at Power Yoga East. The mirrors steamed up and I swear there were at least one hundred people packed in the studio.

Jennifer Madison - Power Yoga Santa Monica!

Jody Drucker Geller - the hottest yoga class I ever took was 3 years ago 4th of july (there was only ONE class that day due to Holiday Scheduling so there were a million people in the classroom).... It was Bikram in Scottsdale Arizona so it was hot as can be IN the class and HOT as can be outside as well... ! there was no escape!! So we've got an AZ desert, summertime, PACKED Bikram situation here!! It was like practicing in India... no room to put arms out to the side at all..
People were laying down trying their hardest to stay in the classroom but even the best of the best had to leave...it was just SOOO HOT .. i will never forget it... HOTTEST .CLASS. EVER.

Lauren Silver - Hot 8 Yoga.

1:10 PM  
Blogger joni said...

this one was posted today:

Julie Nakahara Kertes - The HOTTEST yoga class I ever took was at Bikram's HQ. It was so hot, my feet felt like they were blistering! I finally realized that I was directly under a heater and moved to a "cooler" location. I get parched just thinking about it ... hmmm, if I only had some ultima replenisher (hint, hint!).

1:11 PM  

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