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Monday, October 18, 2010

we be doin' yoga

by now, i'm sure you all have heard MC yogi rapping "ganesh is fresh", "be the change", and more recently "give love". not only is he a hip hop artist who found yoga, but he's also a yoga instructor in real life. and i can vouch for it because i took his class -- co-taught with his wife, amanda -- at bhakti fest in joshua tree last month...

now there's hip-hop artist jesse abraham, who plays the role of a yoga instructor in his latest video, "yoga". the two confused yoginis in his class aren't quite sure what to do while jesse attempts to show them some poses while he chants:

my girl she be doin' yoga, she be doin' yoga
she be doin' yoga, yoyoga
with yo girl, she be doin' yoga, they be doin' yoga,
we be doin' yoga, yoyoga
she doin' yoga, don't need a chauffeur
cause i'm drivin', it ain't over
'til be both smilin', we're so sober
but she's highin', i like to hover...

i wonder if he's signed up for a teacher training class yet? :)

click here to watch jesse's yoga video on youtube. enjoy!