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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

if i had an ipod...

If I had an ipod
I'd podcast in the morning
I'd podcast in the evening
All over this land...

but i don't have one. at least not yet.

yesterday, i found this teaser from the apple store in my emailbox:

Completely remastered. The new iPod nano.
Aluminum case. Brighter screen. Up to 24-hour battery and 2,000 songs in your pocket.

iPod nano is just the beginning. The new iPod features a brighter screen and longer video playback, perfect for watching the movies now available on iTunes. And the new iPod shuffle packs up to 240 songs into an unbelievable 0.55 ounce.

so considering that the price of ipods keeps decreasing while the number of features keeps increasing, i've finally been giving it some serious thought.

i mean, almost everyone i know has one. but do i really need one?

it would be cool to be able to run around and listen to audio that i've preselected and preloaded. but i can already do that with my creative zen nano plus MP3 player, which also has something an ipod doesn't have: a built-in FM radio. granted, the model i own has only a fraction of the memory of an ipod (512MB vs. 30GB), but it serves its purpose.

it would also be handy to have enough memory to be able to download audiobooks, tv shows, and movies. although why would i want to torture my eyes with images on a tiny 2.5 inch screen when i can more easily watch movies the old-fashioned way: with a large-screen TV and a DVD player?

but then again, with many yoga instructors now podcasting their more popular classes, it could be my chance to finally take a class with someone who doesn't normally teach in the LA area.

so i checked the podcast rolls to see who's out there (and i've updated my podcast link list with some new discoveries):

alive yoga - offers ashtanga, forrest, power, serenity, and vinyasa yoga from instructors who teach primarily on the east coast

a moment of yoga - features sam geppi of sfyoga.net, who talks about the spiritual side of yoga

elsie's yoga kula - live recordings of elsie escobar's anusara classes here in LA

everything yoga - updated every month and spotlights a different personality and topic

iamplify - a wide variety of podcasts on almost anything; those in the yoga category include classes with los angeles-based instructors such as seane corn, kimberly fowler, sara ivanhoe, matthew reyes, and erich schiffmann

inner path yoga - yoga classes taught by patricia henderson, who lives in the seattle WA area

iTRAIN - the yoga classes fall under the iSTRETCH workouts and are taught by heath house, joseph seeman, and grace lazenby, all from the LA area

jivadiva yoga jam - yoga and meditation sessions with alanna, the jivadiva, who teaches jivamukti classes in denver CO

sacred sounds radio - heart-opening music by contemporary artists such as girish and deva premal and traditional kirtan artists such as krishna das and the temple bhajan band

vancouver yoga - a handful of power yoga classes with eoin finn from, wouldn't you know it, vancouver BC

yoga learning center - an online yoga studio where you can download as many classes as you want for a flat monthly fee

YOGAmazing - a variety of classes taught by chaz rough from louisville KY that includes titles such as "yoga for rock climbers", "yoga for golf", "yoga for anger", "yoga for insomnia", and "yoga for fertility"

yoga peeps - a collection of interviews with well-known yogis and yoginis such as shiva rea, ana forrest, natasha rizopoulos, bryan kest, richard miller, and more

yoga today - beautiful HD-quality yoga video classes from jackson hole WY; a new class is automatically downloaded 7 days a week, 365 days a year

yogi2go - a selection of different yoga styles taught by teachers from the LA area: camilla bergstrom, mela butcher, jeanne heileman, hala khouri, molly roemer, and kaia van zandt, as well as instructors from divine motion studio in northern california: tracee and everett newell, and jennifer keppel

with such a large selection of downloadable material available to me, i can't wait to see if santa leaves a new, video-capable, ipod under the tree for me this christmas :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

really nice post. i don't know where you get all the information and find time to marshall it, but i sure hope those in LA are taking advantage. I'm back posting though on a much reduced schedule. see you 'round the blogosphere.

1:29 PM  

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