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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

more links to me

while i continue to compose belated post #3, i'd like to send out a big namaste to these bloggers who've been kind enough to mention my site in their own blogsites:

from erin mahoney at los angeles spa and beauty on squidoo.com:

Spa and Beauty Guides

The Accidental Yogist
One woman's blog about trying out Los Angeles' many yoga studios. An interesting and informative read for anyone into yoga.

from yogalena at exploring my edges: yoga, life, love, dated aug 29th, 2006:

Really interesting post about the Cult of Personality and the world of high-profile yogis.

I found this on a cool little Los Angeles-based Yoga blog, the Accidental Yogist.

from tanja hester at tanjasana, dated sept 13th, 2006:

... LA could quite possibly be so overloaded with yoga events, that good ones, maybe even great ones, get lost in the clutter (to use some of my best ad agency lingo). The recent LA Yoga Fest 2006 happened this past weekend, and according to Joni’s account on the Accidental Yogist (one of my must-read blogs), it was quite poorly attended...