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Friday, November 10, 2006

yoga withdrawal

i've been following yoga chickie's blog, and i can totally commiserate with her feelings of boredom and frustration while her post-surgical condition keeps her from mastering her elusive supta K.

as for me, my yoga practice has gotten so spotty recently that i can't even remember the last time i updated my yoga log! i'd say that in the past three weeks, i've probably taken only about a dozen classes, where a mere two were strenuous enough to make me break out in a sweat. that's pretty pathetic, considering that i usually average around 6-7 fairly vigorous classes a week.

the cause? i could say that i blame it on my chiropractor, who's instructed me to take it easy so that my back has a chance to respond to her treatment. we negotiated a compromise; since she doesn't want me running off to yoga class immediately after my evening adjustments with her, i don't do yoga on those days. which means that if i see her three days a week, that's three days out of seven that i have to abstain from my practice (and as for trying to do some yoga on my own at home, that's a lost cause; i always find something else that needs to be done). and if i have another commitment that takes up a weekday evening, like tickets at the music center, there goes another yoga-free day. sigh.

to make things worse, i've just embarked on a new mission. for now, i'm referring to it as a series of fortunate events (with a nod to lemony snicket): for the 50 days leading up to my BIG birthday in december, i've made plans to spend each day with a different person who's played some role in my life, whether it be a friend, a lover, a co-worker, or a close relative (and the details of that adventure will definitely be the subject of a future post). yes, that's 50 different people, with 50 different mini birthday celebrations. like i've been telling everyone, it's my way of making up for all the birthday parties i got gypped out of because my birthday happens to fall three days before christmas :(

unfortunately for me, not only are most of the people i know yoga non-practitioners, but many don't even understand why i feel the need to turn into a human pretzel as often as i do. because of that, so far, i've been unsuccessful in convincing anyone to take a yoga class with me. instead, almost every night this week, i've been finding myself eating, drinking, conversing, and laughing during the times when i should be bending, chanting, breathing, and sweating up a storm. and now that i've put it that way, i kinda see their point...

so i'm going to make up for my temporary yoga shortfall by treating myself to a weekend of yoga madness. i'll be hopping on a plane bound for philadelphia tonight to meet up with my east coast-based daughters to celebrate a couple of birthdays and an early thanksgiving. if all goes to plan, i'll be taking a class every day that i'm there. it's going to be a hectic schedule, with one class right after i land at PHL early saturday morning, another one on sunday night after my older daughter returns to boston, and a third one on monday morning, with just enough time left over (i hope) to take a quick shower before the hotel housekeeping crew comes to clean out my room. can it be done? i'll let you know when i get back.

see you in a few...