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Thursday, September 27, 2007

vote for the best yoga studio!

earlier today, i received an email from a yoga studio that announced:

(We've) been nominated as one of L.A.'s hottest yoga studios!
Please cast your vote to make us "the" hottest yoga studio!!

it turns out that fox 11 tv wants to compile a list of the top businesses here in LA. according to their website:

What's HOT in the Los Angeles area? Vote for LA's BEST!
Check out myfoxla's HOTLIST for the scoop on the best businesses and hotspots in the Los Angeles area. Plus, you can vote for and comment on YOUR favorites here!

so i clicked on the myfoxla cityvoter link included in that email message, and not only did i find a list of the yoga studios that had been nominated so far, but also their current standings on the hot list.

as of 9:40pm on september 27th, this is how it stands:

inner harmony yoga - 52%
goda yoga - 22%
yoga works - 11%
earth's power yoga - 4%

strangely enough, it doesn't say how many total votes were received; even more strange is that 52+22+11+4 = 89%. so what happened to the missing 11%?

anyway, if it's any consolation, these studios were nominated but somehow didn't make it to that top 4:

ashtanga yoga shala
bala yoga *
black dog yoga
bryan kest's power yoga
city yoga
forrest yoga *
free spirit yoga
golden bridge yoga
(home) simply yoga
le studio yoga
liberation yoga
long beach yoga centre
maha yoga
rudra yoga center
santa monica yoga
silver lake yoga
yoga bindu
yoga circle downtown
yoga world

* don't bother voting for these studios; they're no longer open for business :(

considering that i've been to all those yoga studios except for ashtanga yoga shala, le studio yoga, and long beach yoga centre (mainly because their schedules/restrictions make it hard for me to take classes there), i know which studios would end up at the top of MY list (and some of them haven't even been nominated!). so since i'm really interested to find out what YOU all have to say, i'm posting the link here so that you can all voice your opinion. and we'll see where things stand a week from now.

so think hard, then click here to vote for your choice for the best yoga studio in LA

and may the best studio win!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woah--how is it POSSIBLE that Sacred Movement isn't even on the list?!

11:12 PM  
Blogger joni said...

my thoughts exactly. plus i know of a few more that should be on the list, but aren't...

11:29 PM  

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