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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

finding space

Space Studio
451 Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 545-4243
website: www.spacemb.com

Health-conscious people often find they need a little Space in their lives, and so we decided to give them exactly that, with a Spin®, Dance and Yoga studio that makes staying in shape easy… and totally fun.

for some reason, i can never seem to get the name of this studio right.

right after i found out about this relatively new place located in the metlox center in manhattan beach (thanks to genevieve fischer at yoga loft who suggested that i visit it while distributing global mala flyers last week), i started telling south bay people about my discovery. and i was surprised that no one had heard of it. but it was only because i kept absent-mindedly referring to it by the wrong name.

shade? no, that's the name of a boutique hotel in manhattan beach.

shape? not that either; that's the name of a fitness magazine.

i don't remember what else i called it, but at least i was close... i think...

so why do i have such a hard time remembering something as simple as SPACE?

maybe it's because i keep subconsciously associating it with a furniture store (try googling "space" and "furniture" and see how many matches you get... see?)

anyway, the only way i can seem to remember the correct name is to mentally link it with the main focus of space studio, which is spinning (because both of them start with "sp").

unlike the 4-5 spin classes taught per day at space, there are only 1-2 yoga classes per day, usually with one in the morning and/or one in the evening, depending on the day of the week. despite the limited yoga schedule, there still are classes to fit every experience level -- from a beginner class on sunday evenings, to the occasional level 1/2, to the power yoga classes that are taught everyday (the thinking, i suppose, is that anyone who's "macho" enough to tackle a rigorous spinning class also has what it takes to power through a yoga class?).

i decided to take kim murphy's power yoga class last thursday night. when i first read the class description: "... a challenging Vinyasa flow class, taught following the principles of the Baptiste Power method...", i had flashbacks of my earlier visits to other baptiste studios: hot, sweaty rooms with space heaters blasting away. thankfully, the room wasn't artifically heated. but since it was a tiny room filled to capacity with the dozen students who showed up for class, i ended up hot and sweaty within the first ten minutes anyway.

kim flowed fairly rapidly through the different poses. but since there were a few in the class who were new to yoga, she stopped occasionally to show them what to do while the rest of us continued to hold still. i don't know which is harder on the body: moving quickly from pose to pose when your joints aren't as limber as they'd like to be, or holding a pose while your muscles are screaming for release :(

space is a bit difficult to find, especially if you've never been to the metlox center (like me). from manhattan beach blvd, the only businesses visible from the street are the design within reach store -- i knew there had to be furniture somewhere -- and a few upscale boutiques. in fact, i had driven by it many times and had never known that there was a yoga studio hidden within its walls. space is tucked away on the second floor of the southwest building, above the chefmakers cooking academy. there's a stairwell leading up to it from the inner courtyard of the complex. once you get to the top of the stairs, it's easy to spot.

because space is primarily a spinning studio that also happens to teach yoga, you could say that space could be called the YAS of the south bay. they're fairly similar, except that space also happens to teach kids' dance classes to keep the kids busy while their parents are busy pedalling furiously in the spin class next door. recently, though, they've had to shelve the dance classes supposedly because they didn't have anyone to teach them -- any takers out there?