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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the inappropriate yoga guy -- know him?

diana and stefan storace from the garden of yoga in woodland hills included an amusing video in their latest email update to their students. if the "inappropriate" guy in the video reminds you of someone you know or have run into, please contact me ASAP. someone from a major periodical might want to interview you for a piece she's working on...

here's what they sent out:

Some of you my have already seen this on our Home page but for those of you that haven't check this out. It was filmed at Garden of Yoga and is called The Inappropriate Yoga Guy. It so funny so please watch it: www.gardenofyoga.com/goy/yogaguy.asp

in all fairness, i'm sure there also have been instances of women inappropriately hitting on men in class. if you're one of these men, do tell! it could make for some interesting reading :) and i'm not being sarcastic; it really could be an experience we might all learn something from...