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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

a room with a view

last april, genevieve fischer and her crew at yoga loft manhattan beach were notified by their landlord that they had to give up their cozy lofty space near the corner of 11th and highland. after some stressful searching, they found themselves a new place to move to; problem was, it wouldn't be available until the end of the summer. thankfully, through the kindness of the folks at the pilates studio a few blocks away, they were able to make a smooth transition to a temporary studio space, at least until construction on their new home was complete.

then in july, gen sent out this e-mail announcement:

Exciting news! As many of you have noticed, the new space we were waiting for is not progressing very quickly (which often happens with new construction). Since the completion date is so uncertain and we cannot disrupt the pilates business beyond August, we have chosen an entirely different, amazing space right up the street instead!

Our new studio will be located at 1112 Ocean Drive, Suite 103, at the corner of 11th Street and Ocean Drive in downtown Manhattan Beach (1 block from the beach).

the grand opening of the new studio was set for wednesday, september 5th...

... and that's today. so guess where i was earlier this evening?

yup, you got it; at the front doorstep of their practically-beachfront new home :)

it took me a while to find the new location (since i didn't expect ocean DRIVE to be a small side street), and as i rushed inside to catch the 6pm class, i stopped just long enough to catch my breath and take it all in.


the place was beautiful! instead of the rather dimly lit one-room affair they used to be in, there was now a real lobby with a real reception desk and a real retail area. and when i turned to peek through the glass doors into the classroom, i was able to look right past all the students gathered inside, right out through the windows at the other side of the room. and my jaw dropped.

it was an unobstructed view of the pacific ocean!


i couldn't wait to find my spot on the beautiful hardwood floor and be one of the early practitioners in this amazing new space!

our teacher for the evening was tanya coert, whose clear instructional style helped us achieve more flexion, more extension, more openness. and the twenty of so of us who filled the room must have been taking our practice very seriously, because by the time we started settling down into savasana, we had completely fogged up all the windows and doors.


as we walked out after class, we were treated to delicious slices of cake, picked up from beckers bakery down the street. after all the ups and downs of the previous months, it truly was a reason to celebrate!

now that the yoga loft has finally found a new place to call their own, their new schedule will be filled with new classes and new teachers, including alicia johnson (from liberation and home simply yoga), jamie elmer (from sacred movement), and shelley williams (from the pilates room and yoga lounge).

take all that's new at yoga loft and combine it with all the wonderful teachers who've already been on board before the move -- gen, tanya, jennifer, jo, elena, dion, linsley, kyra, kelly, krista and brock -- and you end up with a studio that could end up being THE place to practice in the south bay... with a fantastic view as your thank-you gift for dropping by!