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Thursday, August 16, 2007

spanning the world

in the early minutes of shiva rea's global mala teleconference call yesterday, it was amazing to hear all the beeps that announced the different callers who dialed in. and it was even more amazing to find out all the countries they were calling from! the spirited question-and-answer session must have lasted over an hour; i had to cut out before it ended to attend a meeting of my own at the office :(

there's a map on the global mala site that points out the cities that will be involved in the worldwide event. from that map, i've been able to compile a list of the yoga studios and how they plan to raise awareness in their communities. from classes in yoga studios to multi-day citywide events, and even including a class in a federal penitentiary, it's clear that the entire yoga community wants to be involved!

here's a sampling of what the global collective will be hosting on or around september 21st, 2007:



Dr. Melissa West - http://www.melissawest.com/
2 Hour Karma Peace Yoga
Date: Saturday September 22
Time: 1-3 p.m.
Location: The Wellness Connection 360 Bayly Street West, Suite #2

5 Elements Yoga & Pilates - http://www.5elementsyoga.com/
Our date will be Sat. Sept. 22 Yoga, Dance, Laughter Yoga and Chanting.

Beams of Light Studio - http://www.beamsoflight.ca/
The date we will be doing our activities is Friday Sept. 21st starting from 6-8pm followed by a musical performance with Neeraj Prem, a local musician. Tickets for the performance will be $30 The plan is to do 108 minutes of spiritual practices to support the work a local charity that supports Aids in Africa. We hope to do 36 minutes of sun salutations or pranayama, 36 minutes of chanting and 36 minutes of meditation for a total of 108 minutes.

United States

Magic City Yoga - http://www.yogainbirmingham.com/
108 Sun Salutations at Vulcan Park and Museum atop Red Mountain
Saturday, Sept. 22, from 7:00-10:00 AM
108 Minutes of Pranayama, Meditation and Chanting led by Akasha in the evening--Site TBA Sweet 'Om Alabama!

Yoga Shala - http://www.yogashalaarizona.com/
Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 2 - 5pm
Our Event outline is: Yoga Mala - 108 Surya Namaskar lead by Yoga Shala teachers, in the Granite Creek Park in Prescott.

The Bo Tree - http://www.thebotree.com/
September 22nd
Our event will include - a Yoga Mala (108 SunSalutations), Chanting (108 rounds of the Gayatri Mantra), and Meditation.

Los Angeles
The hub with Founder/Catalyst Shiva Rea. The Visionary Council including Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Seane Corn, Michael Franti and Julia Butterfly Hill - info@globalmala.org
108 Studios. 1008 Los Angeles based or surrounding area teachers. 10,800 yoga practitioners to come together for a 12-hour ritual festival in the LA Convention Center.
The Event Day Schedule:
12 noon Opening Vedic Fire Ceremony- Puja with 108 rounds of mantra for Ganesha
1:00 pm 54 Minutes of Kirtan with Wah!, Donna Delory and others.
2:00 pm Gurmukh Speaks and leads Kundalini Kriyas of 108 with local Kundalini Yoga Teachers.
4:00 pm Yoga Mala - 108 Surya Namaskar with Shiva Rea and other local teachers
6:00 pm 108 Rounds of Gayatri Mantra and Healing Circle.
7:00 pm Darshan - Speakers: Spiritual Leaders, Activists, Yoga Community Leaders
8:00 pm 108 Names of the Divine with Jai Uttal and local kirtan leaders
9:30 pm 108 Minutes of Yoga Trance Dance for Life with Cheb i Sabbah and Remo Drummers
11:30pm 108 Om Chant and Meditation

San Luis Obispo
Conscious Colors Energy Center - http://www.consciouscolors.com/
A Fall Equinox Sacred Circle including breathing for peace and chanting 108 rounds of OM
Chakra Restorative Yoga classes with a focus on the heart chakra uniting the self to others and the world

San Francisco
Global Mala Project San Francisco - http://www.globalmalasf.org/
Saturday September 22, 2007 6:30pm-11:30pm
Join Janet Stone, Katchie Ananda, Nikki Estrada, Janice Gates, Christopher Tompkins, David Lurey, Mirabai, Amy Hanaughan, Alyssa DeCaro, special surprise musical guest, and other loved Bay Area teachers!
A fundraiser to benefit Glide Church, AIDS Project East Bay, and Trees for the Future, move your intention to action by participating in a Seva (Selfless Service) project the next day!
Donation levels:
Hanuman - $27, Ganesha - $54, Maha Dev - $108, OR donate what you can afford at the door
The Ritual Schedule:
6:30pm-7:30pm: Yoga Mala – the first 135 attendees!
54 Sun Salutations led by Katchie Ananda, Nikki Estrada, and Janet Stone
8pm-11:30pm – 300+ attendees
108 Rounds of Gayatri Mantra with Christopher Tompkins
18 minutes of meditation with Janice Gates
108 minutes of kirtan with David Lurey, Mirabai, and Amy Hanaughan
54 minutes of dance guided by Alyssa DeCaro with live music!

Santa Cruz
Om Room School of Yoga - http://www.omroom.com/
1. A chant of 108 oms
2. A reading of Pema Chodron's Practicing Peace in Times of War and discussion following
3. A yoga class where donations are accepted

om time yoga center, boulder - http://www.omtime.com/
September 22nd with a full Mala practice from 12pm - 3pm. 108 sun salutations taught by four of our devoted instructors, 108 oms to follow. Classes by donation. Please do what you can to support the earth that supports YOU!

om time yoga center, belmar - http://www.omtime.com/
108 minute trance dance on sept 21st. Time tba. Classes by donation. Please do what you can to support the earth that supports YOU!

Karen Gomez - karengomez25@comcast.net
Maxwell Therapeutic Massage - 180 W. Main Street, Clinton, CT
Sept. 21 – "Let's Make Peace" Yoga, Meditation, & Music 6:30 – 9:00 PM Kirtan featuring Divine Union
Sept 22 – 108 Morning Sun Salutations 8:30 – 11:30 AM

Karen Gomez, Ashtanga CYT - karengomez25@comcast.net
I writing from Madison, CT to let you know I will be hosting a Global Mala event on September 21 & 22. Friday night is Meditation & Music, “Let’s Make Peace” Kirtan. It is scheduled for 6:30 – 9:00 PM. Saturday, September 22, @ 8:30 – 11:30 AM I will be leading 108 Morning Sun Salutations. Both events are going to be held at Maxwell Therapeutic Massage – Yoga, 180. W. Main Street, Clinton, CT.

Gaurapriya - gp@bambinibhavan.com
Krsna Bhaktas are planning to join in the mala with Kirtana, japa and surya namaskars!

Abhaya Yoga Center - http://www.abhayayogacenter.com/
We are planning a yoga mala event for Friday, September 21st.
We will be donating all the proceeds to Azahar International. Azahar is an organization that teaches yoga in war torn countries.

Richmond Dickson - tallamesa@yahoo.com
Working on getting 108 trees donated for a public planting on the weekend of Sept. 21st; organizing a "Hybrid Parade" to bring together all of the people in the community who drive hybrid vehicles; and uniting the local yoga studios for a public display of 108 Sun Salutations.

Peachtree Yoga Center - http://www.peachtreeyoga.com/
Here are the basics:
9/21 8p - 108 chants/ 36 min of meditation
9/22 130p - 108 sun salutations

Jessie Fletcher - risingjess@excite.com
Clear Conscience Natural Market
108 Sun Salutations on Sept. 22, 2007. in the downtown park area around the gazebo.
In addition to this magnificant event there will be like-minded vendors and musicians to help celebrate the occasion. This will be a free event. There will be philantropical associations to help host the event.

Kalani Oceanside Retreat - http://www.kalani.com/
We are planning our Mala for September 22 and will be doing 108 rounds of a kriya followed by a TranceDance. This will all unfold at the Ohana Center at Kalani Oceanside Retreat.

Moksha Yoga - info@mokshayoga.com
Saturday, Sept. 22 6-8 pm
Price: $20 (suggested donation)
Location: Moksha Riverwest
Proceeds will go to: Global warming (Trees for the Future), Children refugees of war (War Child)

Downtown Chicago
Lourdes Paredes - bhaktishakto@earthlink.net
Sunday Sept 23, 9:00am-12pm
ALL YOGIS, friends, and children are invited!!
12 blocks of sun salutations for PEACE
September 23, 2007 at 9:00am, we invite the Chicagoland Yoga Community to gather on Michigan Avenue to offer a Yoga Mala: We will line 12 blocks, exact location to be announced, and offer each 9 sun salutation, which symbolically equals the 108 of a mala.
The practice will be followed by a short gathering in Millenium Park, including an invocation and Kirtan by Devi 2000, and inspirational speakers. The event should conclude by 12 noon.
Chicago's funds will directly support Trees for the Future, WarChild, and Youth Aids.

South Bend
Dhanwantari Center for Yoga and Well-Being - http://www.dhanwantaricenter.com/
A weekend of events beginning on Friday night Sept 21 with Kirtan through Sunday, Sept 23 with 108 Sun Salutations.

Des Moines
H(om) Yoga - http://www.hom-yoga.com/
Planned Day will include 108 Sun Salutations

Sat Kartar and Divine Light Yoga - http://www.divinelightyoga.com/
Thursday, September 20th
Listen Tour: YogaMala with Live music
Ridgely Retreat, 203 Ridgely Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401
Tickets: $25.00 advance, $30 at the door
A portiion of the proceeds will be donated to one of the causes sponsored by

Yogathree - http://www.yogathree.com/
Quick Summary:
Daytime Event:
108 Sun Salutations, 54 Minutes of Meditation, and Family Yoga
Cambridge Masonic Hall, 10:30am-4:30pm
Evening Event:
Jon Kabat-Zinn and Krishna Das
Berklee Performance Center, 7:30pm
Tickets on sale 22 July through Ticketmaster and Berklee Performance Center Box Office

Yoga Mandala - http://www.yogamandala.com/
September 21 & 22, 2007
In an open-to-the-air arena
Events: ecstatic dance (108 minutes); 108 sun salutations; 108-minute moon yoga & meditation class.

Kripalu Center - http://www.kripalu.org/
Kripalu plans to host a Global Mala event on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2007, 7:30
PM - 9:30 PM at Kripalu (57 Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, MA 01262).

YOGA CENTER FOR HEALTHY LIVING - http://www.yogahealth.org/
Our Yoga Center plans to join this special WORLD PEACE EVENT over the fall equinox and the UN World Peace Day....

Karma Yoga - http://www.karma-yoga.net/
We are currently planning a day of yoga, meditation, kirtan, mantra, kria, music, and more! Venue is still TBD.

Marty Tribble Yoga - www.martytribble.com/classes.html
We would like to join the efforts of the Global Mala Project. We will be raising funds for TFTF. We will be running an event each day, Sept. 21-23.

Satya Yoga Center - satyayogami@yahoo.com
Saturday, Sept. 22 at 9 a.m.: 108 Sun Salutations, plus meditation for peace and refreshments served afterward

International Falls
Rainy Waters Yoga - http://www.rainywatersyoga.com/
A solstice celebration of 108 sun salutations

Kansas City
Kansas City Yoga Kula - http://www.kcyogakula.org/
Our intention is to host a Friday night 108 minute meditation followed by an OM Chant and a Saturday morning Yoga Mala of 108 Sun Salutations.

One Tree Yoga - http://www.onetreeyoga.com/
We are going to have an event with 108 Sun Salutations and Meditation on September 21st and/or 22nd.
Money raised from our event will go towards Youth AIDS/HIV.

New Jersey
Glen Rock
Naturally Yoga - http://www.naturallyyoga.com/
September 21st: A celebration of 108 sun salutations and 108 minutes of devotional chanting and meditation from 9:30am-2:00pm.
All money collected will go to Kula for Karma a local organization that sends local yoga teachers (as seva) to work with various special populations, everything from children with special needs to women in halfway houses to orphanages in Ecuador and India.

On Sunday, September 23rd, between the hours of 2 and 7 pm, we will be holding a Yoga Mala Day for Peace at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Montclair.

New York
Buffalo Yoga - http://www.buffaloyoga.com/
A 108 salutations to benefit our local Literacy Volunteers organization

New York City
Jivamukti Yoga School
Global Mala NYC - A weekend to change your life and save the planet
Go Vegan for World Peace, STOP GLOBAL WARMING
According to the UN: The waste emissions from animals raised for food contributes more to Global Warming than all the car and truck emissions in the world!
The United Nations has set aside Sept 21, 2007 as World Peace Day
On that day, let us in New York City, join Shiva Rae (catalyst of the Global mala project) other Yogis around the world for the Global Mala celebration of Peace.
Take the Pledge to go vegan, or one day, one week, one month one year or for the rest of your life, each commitment will mean a lot for the planet
FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 21 6:30 - midnight
Spiritual Activation
Yoga Class led by Sharon Gannon and David Life will include 108 sun Salutations, and chanting for world peace
Presentations by Julia Butterfly, Russell Simmons, and Jannette Patterson
refreshments, Vegan Dinner
dinner music by Sonic DJ Fabian Alsultany
$108 donation
all donations will be given to PETA and Circle of Life
Dance of Liberation
Hosted by Parashakti and New York Yoga magazine founder Mark Becker
$30 donation
It’s easy to be Vegan we will show you how.
12:00am Vegan Brunch with Rynn Berry, author of Vegan Guide to NY - $25
You made the vow, now see how easy, healthful and delicious veganism can be! Join us at the café for a delicious brunch to start you on your way to being vegan for 30 days.
3:00pm Lecture on benefits of vegan lifestyle by Rynn Berry author of Vegan Guide to NY - Free.
6:00pm Vegan Dinner - $25
Help save the planet one vegan meal at a time. Kindness and compassion never tasted so good.

Power of One Yoga Center - http://www.powerofonecenter.com/
Omega Institute
Roots, Rhythm & Soul: Yoga Gathering for Black People at Omega, Sep 21-23.
We plan to include meditation and mantra as our yoga mala.

North Carolina
Yoga South - http://www.yoga-south.com/
Our event will take place on Saturday, September 22.
The day will begin with 108 Sun Salutes followed by:
108 minutes of mantra/prayer
108 minutes of meditation
a kirtan to last a minimum 108 minutes.
Our Seva is Doctors without Borders.

Hood River
FLOW Yoga - http://www.flowhoodriver.com/
Friday, Sept 21st from 4-8 pm - sun salutations, pranayama, meditation and kirtan.
4-5 pm: 27 Series A Salutations and 27 minutes of Pranayama
5-6 pm: 27 Traditional Sun Saluations and 27 min of Meditation
6-7 pm 27 Series A Salutations and 27 min of Kirtan
7-8 pm: 27 Traditional Sun Saluations and 27 min of Yoga Dance/Kirtan/Meditation
8 pm: Celebratory Catered Dinner at Flow!

Lululemon - Tiffany@AthletesPoint.com
Saturday September 22nd
108 sun salutations, intentions board, goals and planning booth, music, yoga vendors, Living Yoga, etc

I am writing for a friend who is in a federal prison, so it's hard for him to communicate on his own. He teaches yoga daily to a small group and they want to partake in Global Mala. Here are the details:
Date: Saturday, September 22
Teacher: Jerry Wilkerson
Studio: Sheridan Federal Correction Institution
The group will do 108 sun salutations.
Contact Mailing Address: Jerry Wilkerson, #94858-011
Federal Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 5000, Sheridan, OR 97378
My contact Info: Jamel Badrieh, 2211 West Eugene, Hood River, OR 97031 541-806-6576

Bucks County
We are happy to announce that Flip Dog Yoga + Pilates and Yogaphoria will be co-hosting a Bucks County, Pa. Global Mala Project event. Watch for more details in the coming weeks.
Visit http://www.flipdogyoga.com/ or http://www.yogaphoria.com/ for more information about our studios.
We will be doing:
-108 Sun Saluations (Surya Namaskar A)
-A presentation by Richard Green
-108 Om namah shivayas
-Socializing, food and drink to be served
Proceeds will be going to The Tree People and The Climate Project.

Friday 21 - Prayer for Trees in New Cumberland, PA
Saturday 22 - Early Morning Stretch followed by 108 rounds of Surya Namaskar at The Mantis Collective in Harrisburg, PA
Sunday 23 - Tribal Hike to Tumbuling Run in the Appalachain Mountains
Organized by Shiva Teacher Trainee, Shani Stevenson 717-571-2993

Lehigh Valley
Each of the sites for The Global Mala Project 2007 in the Lehigh Valley will offer a time for all of the community to come and share in a collective consciousness of peace. In addition to dynamic yoga flows, there will be space set aside for meditation and mantra (chanting) for those wishing to express a mindful (seated) practice.
These programs are offered on a "give as you can" basis, suggested donation is $10-$20, and no one will be turned away. Please bring your own mat for the active practice.

Yoga Loft of Bethlehem - http://www.theyogaloftofbelthem.com/
Friday, September 21, 5:15pm
Silver Kim and students of the Yoga Loft Teacher Training Program will lead a sun salutations
class (up to 108). Donations will go to benefit The Sierra Club of the Lehigh Valley as part of
our effort to contribute to a healthier environment and better future for all.

Easton Yoga - http://www.eastonyoga.com/
Saturday, September 22, 8am @
In the spirit of uniting the world thorough better health options
Michael Lear, creator of Easton Yoga, and a Member of the Real Medicine Foundation's Whole Health Team will be teach a 108 minute class to raise funds towards providing support for initiatives through Real Medicine and Body Workers Without Borders in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Indonesia and other areas around the world. A portion of donations will also be given to Trees for the Future

Lehigh Valley Yoga Center - http://www.lvyoga.com/
Sunday, September 23, 12noon
The teachers of Lehigh Valley Yoga Center will be leading 108 Sun
Salutations with proceeds going to providing support for initiatives through The Real Medicine
Foundation and Body Workers Without Borders in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Indonesia and other areas recovery from devastation by natural disasters and in need of effective affordable health care options.

Villa Maria
Maureen Lauer-Gatta - http://www.yogawithmaureen.com/
Date: Saturday, September 22, 2007 10:08 a.m.
Place: Villa Maria Education & Spirituality Center
Donations: 50% to the War Child and 50% to a local group
Events: 108 rounds of a mantra
14 rounds of gentle sun salutations
108 minutes of meditation
13 rounds of gentle sun salutations
End with guided savasana

Johnson City
Simple Abundance Yoga - http://www.simpleabundanceyoga.com/
Friday September 21st: A 108 minute meditation for peace
Saturday September 22nd: 108 sun salutations in the park

Midtown Yoga - http://www.midtownyoga.com/
You can count on us to do the 108 mala on September 21st.

Yoga Spirit Trance Dance - http://www.yogaspirittrancedance.com/
September 22, 2007 - 8-10pm
108 minutes of Yoga Trance Dance embracing Heartfelt Rhythms with Focused Intention on our Peaceful Planet.
All proceeds going to plant trees to reverse Global Warming.

Flower Mound
Yoga Island - http://www.yogaisland.com/
We'll be celebrating the event on Saturday, Sept. 22nd at 10:30 in the a.m.
with 108 sun salutations and hopefully some live music!

Heights School of Yoga - http://www.heightsschoolofyoga.com/
On September 22, we will join the mala with 108 Sun Salutations and 108 rolling OM.

Sky of the Heart Yoga - http://www.skyoftheheartyoga.com/
Sunday September 23rd
108 minutes of Kirtan to the Global Mala with David Newman (Durga Das)

Salt Lake City
Sarah Tomson, Park City + Salt Lake City, UT - http://www.balancedbeingyoga.com/
We will be offering three separate events to bring in as many members of the local community as possible:
~108 minutes of Trance Dance with Sarah Tomson
~108 minutes of meditation
~108 repetitions of the gayatri mantra with Jennifer Ellen, and a local Kirtan artist, Leraine Horstmanhoff

Yoga Vermont - http://www.yogavermont.com/
Kathy McNames will be leading 108 Gayatri Mantras on Friday, Sept 21 beginning 7pm.

Laura Polant - 540-745-7866
We are planning a yoga mala in the small Blue Ridge Mountain town of Floyd, Virginia. Starting at 10am we will begin a series of sun salutes. I have 6 different instructors taking 18 salutes each. We will begin with kids yoga at the Winter Sun Performance Hall in Floyd. We will have a peace altar and a local school will sell peace candles for our charity-War Child.

Yoga Source - http://www.yogarichmond.com/
Yoga Source in Richmond, Va is happy to be a host for the Global Mala event. We are holding the event on Sun., Sept. 23 with 108 Sun Salutations followed by 108 mins. of mediation (36mins.), chanting (36 mins.) and meditation (36 mins.).

East Meets West Center - http://www.eastmeetswestcenter.com/
“Global Mala Celebration Featuring Sat Kartar and Friends” Friday September 21st 7:30 p.m.

Virginia Beach
global mala event at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
Saturday, September 22nd.
- 108 morning sun salutations
- HADO foundation will be conducting a water blessing
- 108 minute meditation
- 108 minute drum circle/trance dance
- Evening vegetarian feast

Federal Way
Three Trees Yoga - http://www.threetreesyoga.com/
Three Trees Yoga in Federal Way, WA will be participating in the Global Mala celebration on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2007 with 108 Salutes to the Sun followed by a guided meditation on peace. Participants are invited to drop-in for two, twelve, twenty, or more salutes depending on their abilities. The salutes to the sun will be led by various instructors starting at 9:00am. Instructors and participants will change on the half hour. The event will be a donation only event for the Central Asia Institute, an organization that fosters peace through education by building schools for children in war-torn areas like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Wild Grace Arts Center for Yoga - http://www.wildgracearts.com/
Wild Grace Arts Yoga Studio in Olympia Washington would like to be part of the global mala project, we are planning our event on September 22, 2007 at 7pm. We will focus on a yoga practice combined with meditation and 108 rounds of mantra.

SHAKTI Vinyasa Yoga East - http://www.shaktivinyasa.com/
Friday September 21st: 108 minutes of Kirtan with Steve Gold
Saturday September 22nd: 108 Sun Salutations led by Lisa Black, Peter Avolio and guest teachers.
Our Seva Organization set to receive 80% of the proceeds is the organization Stop Global Warming.

Portion of proceeds to benefit Global Mala Project
Sat Sept 22, 2007, 7:30 pm
Seattle Unity Church, 2008 8th Ave, N

Yogi Way - http://www.yogiway.com/
Karma Vinyasa Class
We are planning to do it outside in Gas Works Park address - 2101 N Northlake Way, Seattle
Sunday, Sept 23rd, 9:30-11:00 am
100% will be donated to War Child - We have been a huge supported of War Child and this will be our 3rd Karma Vinyasa class that we will donate to them.

South Perry Yoga - southperryoga@aol.com
Spokane Yoga studios and community will be hosting a meditation in our beautiful Riverfront Park, Sunday morning, Sept 23rd, with music by which to celebrate by the Celtic Knots. We are also honored to have our meditation guided by Paul Erickson, of Nelson B.C. Our collective donations will be made to the War Child fund.

Midwest Power Yoga - http://www.midwestpoweryoga.com/
GLOBAL YOGA MALA w/Deborah Williamson 8:30 - 12:00 PM Saturday 9/22
Classes are by donation with monies going to our favorite charities:
Make A Wish
Humane Society of Wisconsin
Harbor House
8:30 am 108 Sun Salutations
10:00 am 108 Minutes Yoga Nidra (Bring Pillow and a Blanket)

Soleil Lune Yoga Center, LLC - http://www.yogatrish.com/
I will hold my global mala on September 22 and/or September 23. We will do 108 rounds of Suns. Our Seva will be YouthAids!

Washington DC
Washington DC Global Mala Project - http://www.dcglobalmala.com/
108 Sun Salutations with local teachers
Meditation with Tara Brach, Healing Arts Marketplace
Live Drumming and Kirtan. GW's Marvin Center
All Proceeds to Trees for the Future

kg yoga - kgyoga.blogspot.com
kg yoga's Global Mala Project for Peace Awareness will be held on September 14-22 in Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park. The group will practice yoga in front of the waterfall located near the entrance facing 16th Street and Florida Avenue, NW in Washington, DC. Please bring your own yoga mat.


Rio de Janeiro
BLYSS YOGA - http://www.blyss.com.br/
Saturday (Sabado), September 22. Twelve o'clock ( Midday, Meio-dia)
108 Sun Salutes followed by meditation and chanting.

Ganesha Yoga - http://www.ganeshayoga.com.mx/
We are uniting in Puebla, Mexico for the Global Mala Event.


Sangha Yoga Studio & GaiaYoga International Yoga TT school would like to join and organize a Yoga Mala Global event in Zagreb, Croatia on Friday 21 september (108 sun salutations followed by 108 mantra chanting (MAHA MRITYUNJAYA MANTRA - healing mantra).

Lotus Meditation Centre - http://www.centrumlotus.cz/
Planning a round of 108 sun salutations, 108 mantras and 108 minutes of meditation on the weekend of September 22 - 23.
If the interest of people is greater than perhaps a larger space.

Jivamukti Yoga London - http://www.jivamuktiyoga.co.uk/
A 108 minute class on Sunday, September 23rd at 10am

Krisztina - kbordacs2002@yahoo.com
We are having a meditation practice on Friday, September 21 in the Breeze Club in Gerrards Cross (6:30 pm onwards) and a Surya Namaskara practice (108) on Saturday September 22, in Amersham Physique (11:30 am onwards) and would like to donate to the Trees for the Future.

Jill Amison - jillamison@yahoo.co.uk
or Deb Auden - mumauden@aol.com
We are organising yoga Mala event on Fri 21st of Sept 7-9.30pm at Biddulph Town Hall,
Stoke on Trent, Staffs, UK.

Joyful Events - http://www.joyfulevents.de/
21.9. 19 Uhr Friedensmeditation im Volkspark Friedrichshain- Eingang Friedensstr. in der großen Wiese bei den Steinfiguren.(bei Regen auf www.joyfulevents.de nachschauen)
22.9. 19 Uhr Kirtan Konzert mit Dave Stringer - Beitrag 18 Euro
im Spirit Yoga West
23.9. 20 Uhr Dance into the Light, Meditative and Dance Grooves, Beitrag 8 Euro
Spirit Yoga West

Spirit Yoga Mitte - http://www.spirityoga.de/
23.9. 18-19.30 Uhr Moonlight Class mit Patricia Thielemann

Yoga Shala - http://www.ashtanga-berlin.de/
22.9. 15 Uhr Pranavidya nach Kali Ray mit Henning Scheel Atemübungen-Meditation-Wave Motion

Yoga Vidya Berlin-Mitte - http://www.malyoga.com/
23.9. 14 Uhr Yogaklasse mit Malahat Dizaji

Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg - http://www.yoga-vidya.de/
21.-23.9. Meditation, Yoga, Kirtan über 3 Tage

the yoga loft - http://www.theyogaloft.de/
Global Mala Yoga Projekt
september 21, 2007, friday
7-9.30pm 108 Sun Salutations

Yoga Lounge Freiburg - http://www.yogalounge-freiburg.de/
Friday, 8-10 p.m.: Meditation & 108 Rounds of Gayatri Mantra
Saturday, 4-6 p.m.: 108 Tree Salutations
Seva for "Trees for the Future"

Jivamukti Yoga - http://www.jivamukti-muenchen.de/ Uhr offene Klasse mit Michi.
Michi wird eine Minute der Stille teilen.
4 min. Film: " Chew on this" der Film zeigt, wie wir helfen können, Mutter Erde zu erhalten.
14.15-16.45 Uhr
Jiva Mukti Master Class mit Gabriela und Petros live begleitet von Dave Stringer und Band.
Wir werden 108 min. das Mula Mantra zu Lord Ganesha singen, der alle Schwierigkeiten beseitigt und uns Stärke und Stabilität schenkt.
empfohlener Mindestbeitrag: 25 Euro
19 Uhr Kirtan mit Dave Stringer und Band

Svahayoga - http://www.svahayoga.com/
We are happy to let you know that Saturday September 22nd we will be hosting the following fund raising events in our studios.
09.00-12.00 108 X Surya Namaskar supported by inspirational music.
09.00-09.30 108 X Gayatri Mantra Chanting
10.00-11.48 108 Minutes Level 1 class including 18 minutes of Meditation
12.00-14.00 18 X Hanuman Chaleesa Chanting
12.30-14.18 108 Minutes Level 2 class including 18 minutes of Meditation
14.30-16.18 108 Minutes Level 1 class including 18 minutes of Meditation
We will ask for a donation for all events and will donated the proceeds to the Children home in Kathmandu where we always send our event proceeds.


Paige Elenson - Paige@acroyoga.org
Gathering hundreds of yogis, from all ages and socio-economic groups, to join in the practice of yoga.
We are excited and blessed to be part of this project. Unsure that we will raise much money from our participants, as many are the actual people we are raising funds for, but we will raise awareness and that is what counts!

South Africa
Cape Town
Ann McWilliams - annmcw@gmail.com
I am organising a mala again on Sunday 23rd September and the proceeds will go to Art Of Living Foundation here in South Africa.(www.artofliving.org.za)
We will do 108 sun salutations on MILNERTON BEACH IN CAPE TOWN. We aim at getting 150 people to do the sun salutations...

Shraddha Yoga Healing Centre - http://www.yogashraddha.com/
A full day starting with 108 surya and finishing with 108 Mahamrityunjaia combined with Havan as a symbol of prayer for world peace and then Kirtan and dancing!!!!!
Our proceeds will go to Operation Hunger…they need so much in line of clothes, food, blankets, etc.

Jeffreys Bay
Spirals Yoga & Art Studio - http://www.spiralsyoga.co.za/
We are in the process of planning 4 actions for The Global mala project
1. 108 sunsalutes on the beach
2. 108 minutes of meditation
3. an art exhibition featuring 108 interlinked round art works (all media) depicting our commitment towards peace, AIDS projects and environmental issues
4. Local school project -we will be hosting sun salute sessions at these schools on Friday 21 September.

Yoga Tanzania Safaris and Retreats - http://www.ngare-sero-lodge.com/
I will be hosting the event at Ngare Sero Lodge in Tanzania Africa on Sept 22nd 2007.


Martha Bond RYT - ayogabond@yahoo.com
I am please to announce that I just confirmed a venue on the 22nd of September for Yogis/Yoginis in Okinawa, Japan to come together in support for the Global Mala Project.
The event will take place in Yomitan, Okinawa. 108 Sun Salutations followed by 108 rounds of Mantra. The event will be conducted in English and Japanese.

Yogafest will partner with Global Mala - http://www.yogafest.jp/
September 22 - 24, 2007
Sep 23 at 9A: A class to promote the Global Mala
Yoga Fest got the city of Yokohama to get involved and rented a park space for 3 days, so the yogins, who come to Yoga Fest, can join the sun salute anytime they want to.
Teachers in the city of Yokohama will be leading sun salutations for 3 days.

Hikaru Hashimoto - hashimoto@yoga.co.jp
Plan 1
a. 108 times of mantra chanting (gayatri mantra)
b. 1.08 km Breath Walk
We shall start on June 8th and finish on the 108th days, which will be September 23rd. We will spread the word to many so that the participants will take turns and keep it alive for 108 days and that the last day will be September 23rd.
Plan 2
Participants shall save 108 yen (about a dollar) per day during these 108 days when it is possible at the end, donate the saving to some seva organization, as a charity. The donation will show the individual's spiritual, mental and physical growth and improvement.

Koh Samui
Lorraine Taylor - http://www.healthyandfun.net/
Global Mala event in Koh Samui, Thailand on Saturday 22nd September. It will be a one day festival with music, dance, yoga, vegetarian food, etc etc. It is being held at Tamarind Springs in Lamai, Koh Samui.


The YOGA SPACE - http://www.theyogaspace.com.au/
We intend to hold 108 surynamaskar in the park and afterward kirtan at our centre on Saturday 22 September.

Being Yoga - http://www.beingyoga.com.au/
Celebrate peace with 108 minutes of kirtan and moving meditation on Friday 21 September

Twee Merrigan - http://www.tweeyoga.com/
A 108 salutes with several studios and teachers of Perth.
Kirtan Friday night September 21st.

Participating Studios:
Yoga Synergy - http://www.yogasynergy.com.au/
Power Living - http://www.powerliving.com.au/
Samadhi Yoga - http://www.samadhiyoga.com.au/
Dynamic Movement Yoga - http://www.dynamicmovementyoga.com/
Yoga BC - http://www.yogabcsydney.net/
Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst - http://www.bikramyoga.net.au/
Yoga To Go - http://www.yogatogo.com.au/
Our venue is Bondi Beach, in the famous old Bondi Pavillion.
We also have some great local musicians that often accompany our yoga classes and retreats with drumming, kirtan, and beautiful vocals.
We'll be having a silent auction and raffles with prizes all donated by Sydney businesses. We will be making a mala from beads collected from all over the world which will be used to count off the 108 Sun Salutations and then will be donated as an auction prize.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. It is great to see all the work happening around the world.

Here in San Francisco, we are blessed with a great group of yogins putting together an awesome day.

We also have the Power to the Peaceful Festival, which will have a Yoga Jam including a Yoga Mala celebration with Shiva Rea... September 9th. Come on up.

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

// Om Shri Hanumate Namah: //

Thank You for this nice Website. I want to have a global Mala everyday. So I pray a Jaap-mala every day.

You can download Hanuman Mantra Jaap-Mala, Aarti Shri Gayatri Ma Ki, Hanuman Chalisa (Text + Music) and other Mp3-Bhajans at:


YouRs SinCereLy M!sTer CrippLeD SaM

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It is great post

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