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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

poll watch

it's been over a week since i first posted the results of fox tv's "hottest yoga studio in LA" poll, so it's time to see how things stand...

as of 1:00pm october 9th, the top 4 yoga studios are:

goda yoga 51%
inner harmony yoga 22%
yoga works 5%
rising lotus yoga 4%

and the other studios still in the running are:

ashtanga yoga shala, silver lake
black dog yoga, sherman oaks
bryan kest's power yoga, santa monica
city yoga, west hollywood
earth's power yoga, west hollywood
free spirit yoga, long beach
golden bridge yoga, hollywood
(home) simply yoga, santa monica
le studio yoga, hollywood
liberation yoga, los angeles
long beach yoga centre, long beach
maha yoga, brentwood
mark blanchard's power yoga, brentwood and studio city
rudra yoga center, long beach
santa monica yoga, santa monica
silver lake yoga, silver lake
yoga bindu, san pedro
yoga circle downtown, los angeles
yogahop, santa monica
yoga world studio, long beach

since my last poll check, two studios were removed from the list for a legitimate reason (i.e. they're no longer in business): bala and forrest yoga. and three studios have been added: mark blanchard's power yoga, rising lotus, and yogahop. special kudos to the rising lotus community for not only getting their studio on the hot list but also making it to the top 4!

i'm still wondering, though, why sacred movement (aka exhale venice) hasn't made it to the list... i was hoping to remain an innocent bystander during the voting process, but it looks like i may have to speak up and nominate them :)