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Monday, December 10, 2007

iyengar institute update

i just got back from the messiah sing-along at the disney concert hall, where i had a great time even if i wasn't able to sing all my parts note-perfect. but then again, if i keep working at it (not now, of course, but sometime before the next sing-along), i can only get better :)

so before i turn in for the night, i'd like to share this note i received from the iyengar institute earlier this afternoon. note the text i've highlighted and mark your calendars accordingly:

Dear IYILA Community,

Our landlord at 8233 W. 3rd Street has at long last given us a clear picture and firm timeline for the final months of our presence in our current location. He has agreed to permit us to remain in our current location through March 31 with no increase in rent. And so as of Saturday, March 21, we will say goodbye to our current location, so that we can dismantle and transfer our useable facilities—cabinets, mirrors, rope walls, floors, light fixtures, etc. The transition may go much quicker than that, but that is the current cautious estimate.

Also, concurrent with the sending of this letter, the Board of Trustees’ Relocation Committee is reconfiguring itself and renewing its efforts in finding a worthy home for our Institute within a reasonable geographic area of our present location. After the recent immense and ongoing successes of our capital campaign, the Relocation Committee will be financially empowered to act upon viable properties with much greater swiftness than previously. The members of the Relocation Committee, as of this date, are Eric Small, Larry Heliker, Chris Beach, Randee Devlin, Mark Harelik, Adriana DeFranco, Lani Daniels, and Garth McLean. The committee is working with a commercial real estate brokerage, North American Realty.

For those of us, faculty, staff, and trustees alike, charged with the daily operation of our Institute, our primary goal is to remain steadfast in our service to you, our students, who have chosen a life within the world of Iyengar Yoga. Our intention is that the end of March will be the beginning of our life in a new home, with a swift and graceful transition. We will fully maintain our regular schedule up to March 21. Plans are in the works to make Saturday, March 21, a special Farewell to 3rd Street Day.

IYILA will honor all current class series that extend beyond March 21, 2008. It is our firm intention to allow the smallest possible gap in class continuity, as well as remaining within our geographical area. However, if the practical realities of the real estate market drive us further away, we understand that some may choose to be refunded for their unexpired class series. Please know that once we know where the new and improved IYILA will be situated, we will be contacting you personally.

Though we will be saying goodbye to 3rd Street with poignancy in our hearts, we are excited and energized by the prospect of a new home, better parking, broader curriculum, and room enough for all in Manouso’s sellout workshops.

The Board of Trustees of IYASC-LA