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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

pass this on to your favorite tween or teen!

this came in from karen jashinsky of O2 MAX fitness. while it doesn't look like there will be any yoga involved in this event, their newly-opened facility in santa monica does offer at least one yoga class a week. so who knows... maybe they'll throw in a couple of sun salutes somewhere along the way :)

breaking news: they've just updated their schedule -- there WILL be some yoga at the end with the lulu crew!

July 20th, 2008 - 10am to 6pm

O2 MAX will be conducting the Tour de Fitness as its innovative guerilla marketing campaign on July 20th, 2008. With an obesity epidemic spreading nationwide, it is imperative that adults, teens, and children learn the importance of fitness, exercise, and nutrition.

This event is going to be “BIGGER than BIG”, gathering an army of O2 MAX teens clad in American Apparel t-shirts that look like a concrete gym floor, orange bandanas and slathered in sun-block. Professionals, tourists, and families will witness a herd of fit, health-conscious young guys and girls on a mission. They will start the day @ The O2 MAX studio and head to the famous Santa Monica Stairs for a workout, trek over to Starbucks for some green-iced tea. They will then walk up Montana Ave., walk down Wilshire Blvd. as they head to Top to Top doing pushups, lunges & running drills along the way such as fartleks & sprints along the way. Then the tour proceeds to Whole Foods to refuel with a Larabar and an electrolyte beverage and to walk the perimeter of the store aisles, highlighting healthy and natural foods. They will resume by heading to the 3rd Street Promenade and Main St. for lunch. They will end on Ocean Ave & Santa Monica for some Yoga stretching sponsored by Lululemon!

Workouts will be led Karen Jashinsky, Shirley Brown AND some of Hollywood’s top trainers and other top fitness instructor such as Ashley Conrad, Michael George and others will be joining us along with Amy Dixon, the group exercise manager from Equinox Fitness.

Participants include college students from Washington University, George Washington, Berkeley & USC. High School students participating are from Santa Monica High School, Venice High, Palisades Charter High School, Hamilton Music Academy, Ocean Charter, Lincoln & Franklin Middle Schools, Harvard Westlake. Notre Dame & several others.

Join us along the way & get some free stuff such as guest passes to Equinox Fitness & O2 MAX, t-shirts, and bring your dogs too-we will have healthy treats for them provided by Dogswell. Check our website for the agenda or call 310 867 1650 to find out where we are. All Parents, friends of O2 MAX & FOKrs (Friends of Karen) are invited. We would love the support to take pictures and keep everyone hydrated.

O2 MAX is a teen fitness ‘HUB’ that includes private trainers, yoga, pilates, dance, group workouts & classes, a lounge, snacks, wireless internet, and tutoring. With its opening just this past March, O2 MAX is new, fresh, young, and on the run!

O2 MAX Fitness
3026 Nebraska Avenue
Santa Monica, California 90404
(310) 867-1650


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