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Friday, August 08, 2008


today is friday, the eighth day of august, 2008.

it's a day just like any other day, yet for those who continue to use the mm/dd/yy format to abbreviate their dates instead of the post-Y2K preferred format of mm/dd/yyyy, that makes today 08/08/08. or 08/08/08 if you follow the yy/mm/dd format :)

if you're into numerology, it's a special day because the numbers all match.
if you're obsessive-compulsive, it sits well with you because it looks nice and symmetric.
if you suffer from occasional lapses in memory, you'll remember it as soon as you recall the first two digits.
and if you're chinese, it's a very auspicious date because the number 8 is a very lucky number. and tripling it makes it even luckier.

which is why they've scheduled the opening ceremony of the 2008 beijing olympics for today, 08/08/08.

i initially considered doing something special today to mark the occasion.

like a yoga class that would require some olympic-like effort on my part. such as brock cahill's friday night vinyasa flow 2/3 class at yogaworks westwood (which is more like a level 3/4, if you ask me).

or a nice rounded body and soul combo. much like what rising lotus yoga has every second friday of the month -- a sunset flow with daniel stewart at 6:30pm, followed by a kirtan with daniel and friends at 8:15pm.

or i could try getting my fifteen minutes of fame with hilary rubin at her therapeutics class at city yoga tonight. according to an email she sent out yesterday: this friday, my dear friend and student bobbi fabian will be taking shots for my new website www.iamnotamess.com. it's mostly of me talking at the beginning and then a few demos and a bit of the class...

or i could have gone all wild and crazy at julian walker's funky friday class at santa monica yoga where the scene is hot and sweaty and the students are busy discovering their feelings. and their bodies. and have no problems expressing what they find.

or i could just treat myself to a restorative class with a teacher new to me, bebe lin, at sacred energy arts. or a relax deeply class with a group of familiar faces at exhale with aaron reed.

with all the yoga possibilities here in LA, i could have done anything and it would have been special.

but no, after mulling about all my options, i decided to stay home.

instead, i'm going to pick up some take-out food on my way home from work, plop myself on the couch, and watch the opening ceremonies of the XXIX olympiad at 8pm on 08/08/08.

boycotts, protests, political issues be damned. i want to watch the cultural presentations. i want to oooh and aaah at the fireworks. and most of all, i want to cheer on and support the athletes as they walk into the stadium. after all, this is all about them. without them, there would be no olympics.

if i'd worked hard all these years to qualify for a spot on my country's athletic team, i'd want to celebrate that i'd made it that far. and i'd like people to feel happy for me. maybe even cheer me on.

so that's exactly what i'm going to do.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time well spent on Beijing opening ceremony, for yogis and all, I would say.

1:01 PM  
Blogger joni said...

and i'm glad i watched it in its entirety because it was an amazing show! i'm still trying to figure out how they managed to keep the tai chi guys in perfectly-aligned concentric circles the entire time!

4:02 PM  

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