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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

love and compassion

randall just forwarded this announcement about a new digital album that was released last week. it's a magnificent collection of inspirational music from well-known artists in the yoga and meditation world; after reading the list of talent included in this double-disc album, i instantly knew that i had to get my own copy to help the cause!

BFM Digital Releases "Jamtse: Love And Compassion" A Benefit Album in Support for The Tibet Fund

BFM Digital announces the album release of "Jamtse: Love and Compassion - An Offering to The Tibet Fund". Proceeds from the digital sale of Jamtse will benefit the full range of outreach, assistance and educational services The Tibet Fund provides.

Los Angeles, CA (Billboard Publicity Wire) August 6, 2008 -- BFM Digital, a leading digital music aggregator and distributor of independent music, announces the release of the album "Jamtse: Love and Compassion - An Offering to The Tibet Fund". This digital compilation features such renowned artists as Nawang Khechog, Snatam Kaur, Jai Uttal, Deva Premal, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, MC Yogi, Toshinori Kondo, Krishna Das, Bill Laswell and more. Top independent record labels Sounds True, Spirit Voyage, White Swan, New Earth Records, Wah! Music, Alif Records and others, all donated tracks to this worthy cause.

"JAMTSE" (which means love and compassion in Tibetan) is the first digital-only release from BFM Digital and proceeds will go exclusively to The Tibet Fund in support of their work.
This project, conceived by producers Joshua Jacobs (Ambient Groove, a division of Synaptic Fusion Entertainment) and Steven Weber (President, BFM Digital), is intended to act as an instrument to bring awareness toward the current plight of the Tibetan people. Each track was hand picked by Jacobs to focus on healing through sound vibration and mantra. The musical genres include World, New Age, Meditation, Chant, and Yoga.

"It was a blessing to have this opportunity to bring together music from diverse cultures and traditions in support of the Tibetan people," says Joshua Jacobs.

"The enthusiasm and support far exceeded our expectations from the very first day we mentioned the project to our colleagues in the business," says Steven Weber. "We are proud to present this special project on behalf of our artists, labels and publishers whose generosity in donating proceeds from the sale of "JAMSTE" will benefit the full range of outreach, assistance and educational services The Tibet Fund provides."

About The Tibet Fund:
The Tibet Fund is dedicated to helping Tibetans improve their lives and preserve their distinct cultural, religious and national identity. The Tibet Fund brings urgently needed resources to the educational, cultural, health and socioeconomic institutions that sustain the Tibetan way of life, language, and traditions. The Tibet Fund's support helps to sustain the Tibetan refugee settlements in India, Nepal and Bhutan and provide rehabilitation services for the thousands of new refugees who continue to arrive from Tibet every year. Through its program in Tibet, the Tibet Fund partners with local NGO's in Tibet on projects that treat and prevent blindness, house and care for orphans, and provide educational opportunities for Tibetans.

you can purchase the digital album through itunes or amazon.com; links to these sites can be found on the BFM home page.

you can also preview the tracks via amazon.com:
Jamtse: Love & Compassion (An Offering For The Tibet Fund)

Disc 1
1. Gayatri - Tina Malia
2. Aisa Naam - Sat Purkh
3. Ohpa- Me - Dechen Shak- Dagsay
4. Om Mani Padme Hum (GlobeSonic Savasana Remix) - Reverand DJ Alsultany
5. Hare Krishna - Govindas And Radha
6. Pavan Guru - Gurunam Singh
7. Hallelujah Chalisa - Krishna Das
8. Echad B'Echad - YofiYah
9. Anand (Bliss) - Snatam Kaur
10. Lokaha - Wah!
11. Ardes Bhaee - Mirabai Ceiba
12. Om Mani Padme Hum - Deva Premal
13. The Chariot - Gahl Sasson

Disc 2
1. A Daily Prayer and Practice of the Dalai Lama - Nawang Khechog
2. Life - Toshinoi Kondo
3. I Am - Guru Singh
4. A Gift - DaVinci
5. Free Tibet (Peu Rangzen) - Akim Funk Buddha
6. Be The Change - MC Yogi
7. Om Purnam - One At Last
8. Ganesha Windmix - Jai Uttal
9. Tree of Patience - Omar Faruk
10. Jewel In The Lotus - Maneesh De Moor
11. Desert Angel - Ma Faiza & Veet Sandeh