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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

rappin' with ganesha

it's official -- there's a new olympic endurance event: tv watching! millions of us have been staying up way past our bedtimes to watch the late-night recap of what's been going on in beijing, whether it be swimming, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, track and field, diving, rowing, and more. this is reality tv at its finest -- all the suspense, the drama, the controversy is real and unscripted. no wonder we're addicted!

needless to say, my blogging has taken a backseat to all the excitement, so until i find the time to write about the stuff i've been up to recently, i'll continue to pass along any juicy tidbits that come my way.

take this one, for example, about a soon-to-be-released CD from MC yogi:

Who is MC Yogi?

Yoga instructor/studio owner/rapper/former graffiti artist Nicholas Giacomini is the visionary force behind "yoga hip hop." Bringing together his twin loves for Indian music and mythology and infectious hip hop beats, MC Yogi creates an exciting new sound for a new generation of modern mystics, urban yogis, and conscious hip hoppers.

On his new album, Elephant Power (out September 9th on White Swan Records), MC Yogi puts a hip hop spin to tales of Indian mythology and deities, and features an updated telling of Mahatma Gandhi's story on the uplifting and touching "Be the Change". The record features guest performances from today's top "yogabeat" voices, including Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Bhagavan Das and Sharon Gannon.

check this out... with lyrics like this:

i pray to ganesha to take away the pressure
and pave the way into the sacred treasure
om gung ganapataye namaha
to the god of all beginnings always on the job

it sounds like the perfect soundtrack for your next hip-hop yoga class, doesn't it?

click here to listen to snippets of these tracks on the white swan records website:

1. Om (Invocation)
2. Elephant Power (feat. Bhagavan Das)
3. Ganesh Is Fresh (feat. Jai Uttal)
4. Rock On Hanuman (feat. Krishna Das)
5. Temple Prayer
6. Om Namah Shivaya (feat. Bhagavan Das)
7. Chakra Beatbox
8. Son of Shiva (feat. Rita Sahai)
9. Krishna Love (feat. Jai Uttal)
10. Bhakti Boombox
11. Mahatma's Message (feat. Sukhawat Ali Khan)
12. Be the Change (Niraj Chag's Swaraj Mix)
13. Shanti (Peace Out)
14. BONUS TRACK Krishna Dub (feat. Sharon Gannon)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've heard some advance tracks from MC Yogi's new record and it is blowing my mind! Who knew Bhakti and beats would mix so well? He's got a really cool pro-Obama track out called "Vote For Hope". I think it's available as a free download. Check it out!

2:25 PM  
Blogger joni said...

hi joelie!

here's the link to the play/download site for "vote for hope":


good stuff!

2:50 PM  

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