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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

poetry of the gods

here's another invite that i'd like to pass along to all of you. while it isn't exactly for your typical yoga event -- asana, kirtan, meditation, or the like -- and therefore wouldn't usually end up on my monthly event list, it's for a photo exhibit that features many of those active in the LA yoga community. and because i happen to know a good number of the artist's subjects, i plan on dropping by to view my friends in all their colorful splendor... while wishing that maybe one day, i'll get my chance to get "sturmanized", too :)

Invites you to join in celebrating the new series


At the artist's studio
Saturday, October 11, 2008
12-6 pm

2947 Delaware Avenue
Santa Monica, California 90404

Please join us as we pop the champagne bottles and take a moment in the autumn sun to celebrate a body of work that celebrates the grace, strength, beauty and aliveness of THE YOGIS

One Vision ~ Hundreds of Remarkable Yogis ~ The Exhibition