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Saturday, November 29, 2008

safe and sound

when i first heard about the terrorist attacks in mumbai -- hotels bombed, tourists shot, hostages taken -- my first thought was: is there anyone i know who's in mumbai right now?

and just when i'd concluded that every visiting yogi was probably safely ensconced in some ashram somewhere, i read this facebook status update from maha yoga last thursday afternoon:

Thank you to all who have inquired as to Steve Ross' safety while he is in Mumbai. We have confirmed information that Steve is safe in his hotel under the protection of military and police.
We do not have any further details at this time but will do our best to update this site with news on his welfare and return to Los Angeles as soon as information is available.
In the meantime, please send your prayers to all those involved in this tragic situation.

this morning, another status update was posted:

Steve is perfectly fine and calm. He was so touched that everyone was concerned about him. He is comfortable and planning to return to LA in a couple of days.

along with that update was this CNN video of the release of hostages, including steve, from the oberoi hotel: Hostages depart hotel

and this short announcement about steve's status is now posted on the maha website:

We are very happy to announce that Steve Ross and his group have been evacuated from the Oberoi Hotel.
Our prayers go out to all those involved and especially to the family of Steve's friends Alan and Naomi Scherr who lost their lives during these tragic events.
Steve will return to Los Angeles at the end of next week.
With love - Maha Yoga

while steve regularly leads well-attended kirtans at maha, i have a feeling this next one (which was scheduled before his trip to india, by the way) is going to be particularly emotional for everyone who joins in. talk about a belated thanksgiving celebration!

WELCOME HOME Chanting with Steve - FRIDAY 12/5

Please help us gratefully welcome back Steve Ross from his trip to Mumbai, India. Join us for a beautiful evening of chanting guaranteed to open your heart. This is a donation based event. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a cushion to sit on and enjoy.