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Monday, November 03, 2008

yes, i know i've been missing in action

and i have a valid reason...

but first things first: here are some special election day classes that you need to know about. but whether or not you have the time to attend any of them tomorrow (or the day after at golden bridge), just make sure you take the time to go out and VOTE!!!

City Yoga, West Hollywood

Join Noah Maze' and special musical guest WAH! for a 2 hour Practice to help relieve some tension from election day.
VOTE then come sweat it out as we wait!
CASH only please - first come, first served

Rising Lotus Yoga, Sherman Oaks
Special Election Day Class with Claire
Tuesday, Nov 4th 1:50-3:30pm
By Donation

Come and celebrate our democracy in action!
Please join Claire and the Rising Lotus community for a special Election Day class at the studio on Tuesday, Nov. 4, from 1:50 - 3:30 pm.
Let's come together in yoga, in union, to meditate, move, breathe and be present with each other in celebration, in service and in honor of Election Day. Vote before class, or vote afterwards -- we ask that you set an intention to participate in this most important moment for all of us.
Fees for this special community class are by donation

Golden Bridge Yoga, Hollywood
A Day of New Beginnings
Wednesday, November 5 all day!
Cost: $16/keytags (per class)

Please VOTE on November 4th!
Then join us on November 5th for a Day of New Beginnings!
Let this day be a day where we celebrate for a new beginning, for a new day that brings hope, that brings dignity, that brings grace, that brings prosperity, and equanimity around the world.
Let us gather together in prayer, in this excitement for the dawning of the Aquarian Age.
It’s a wonderful day shared with everyone at Golden Bridge that we may be forever the bridge that takes us across and takes thousands of people with us.
Please join us for any class on this special day.