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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

do these yoga pants make my butt look big?

i'm female. (and if you're a regular reader, i'm sure you've probably figured that out by now)

and like most females, i am oftentimes obsessed with the way i look. especially when it comes to deciding what to wear to yoga class. i know it sounds like a no-brainer -- just pull on a top and a bottom that hopefully match -- but i find that different days require different dressing strategies.

for example, on the days i feel particularly happy about the way i look, i'll pull my body-hugging lululemon bottoms out of the closet, pair them with a stretchy cami-top, slip on a pair of coordinating flip-flops (ok, i have to confess that i own over a dozen pairs in different colors...), then head out the door.

during the holiday feasting season, on "moon days" (you know... when females aren't supposed to do inversions...), or on one of those i-can't-believe-i-ate-all-of-that-for-lunch days, i'll pick out a pair of my looser-fit be present pants, top them with a relaxed tank top, slip on a pair of coordinating flip-flops (at least that option never changes), then suck in my belly for a little additional help before making my way to class.

and on the days when i choose to live dangerously, i'll ease on one of my roll-down hardtail yoga pants, pull on a top that i haven't worn in a while, slip on those flip-flops, and hope that there isn't too much of a muffin-top lurking over my waistband :(

oh, the joys of being female...

recently, the nice folk at fertile goddess sent me samples of their yoga wear to try out. in the package that arrived on my front doorstep -- on my birthday, no less, which was a nice coincidence -- was a sassy tank in platinum and black and an all around capri pant in black. both in size small :) i quickly put the items in my yoga bag and hopped in my car; i had a 6pm birthday yoga date with BDB in westwood and wanted to beat the eastbound rush hour traffic (will someone please tell me why it takes an HOUR to get from santa monica to westwood in the evening when mapquest claims it should only take 8 minutes to drive those 3 miles??!?!?). mind you, i hadn't even checked first to see if the top and bottom fit! talk about living dangerously...

when i arrived at the yoga studio, i headed straight for the dressing room to change into my newly-acquired birthday outfit. i cut off the hangtags and pulled on the tank and the pants. and wouldn't you know it... they fit! but not only did they fit without my having to suck my gut in, but they were actually a bit loose! talk about a real ego-booster: wearing my usual size and feeling like i'd lost weight :)

the pieces felt really nice to the touch. they were soft and silky and weren't binding at all. and best of all, they survived the test of john neidlinger's level 3 class -- while i continued to sweat profusely, my clothes managed to wick away most of it, keeping me comfortable through all the vinyasas and challenging poses. after class, i walked back to the dressing room to change for dinner, and as i took off my damp clothes, i noticed the messages that were discreetly printed on them:

on the tank top - my inner garden grows every day (grows better, i hope...)
and on the capri pants - i am a woman of remarkable ability (no doubt about that!)

needless to say, these are going in my "live dangerously" pile of yoga clothes, because no matter how fat -- or not -- i'm feeling that day, i know they'll never make my butt look big :) that's because they seem to be sized for us "real" women -- the real goddesses -- and not the stick-thin model types that exist only in fashion magazines... and at the front of some yoga classes...

so for those of you who want to know more about the fertile goddess line (which also includes t-shirts, jackets, tote bags, and note cards), here's the scoop:

- All yoga tops are made from superior fabric that is moisture wicking, antibacterial, and have built in bra shelf and extra soft elastic.
- All pants are moisture wicking, quick drying, very soft hand, flexible, all standard rise.
- Fertile Goddess is exclusively online at www.fertilegoddess.com. The line is designed around images of ancient fertility goddesses, with a hidden message from a goddess inside the garment!

and best of all:
- Made in LA!


Blogger Unknown said...

This is sad.

1:36 AM  
Blogger joni said...

sad? that i have a big butt? yes, i agree :)

8:41 AM  

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