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Friday, December 19, 2008

a merry holiday winter solstice birthday weekend

i don't know about you, but i just checked my calendar for this weekend and there's a whole slew of stuff that's vying for my attention (and attendance). there are the holiday celebrations, the winter solstice observances, the family get-togethers. and i'm not even going to think about the christmas presents that i still need to shop for!

and if that weren't crazy enough, there's also the issue of my trying to find a way to squeeze in a birthday party for myself...

after spending years struggling to set aside some special time for me, my friends, and my family to celebrate my blowing out yet another candle on my birthday cake, i've decided that i'm just going to give up the whole idea of a traditional birthday party. instead, i'm going to piggyback off others' holiday celebrations to share in the merrymaking. and to make things even more interesting, i'm going to string out my birthday over the entire weekend (it sure beats my celebration two years ago when i partied 50 days in a row!)

so i'd like to invite you to join me at any or all of these upcoming events; you're on your own for the class fees. your presence will be the best gift any yogi can ask for -- just make sure you hunt me down and say hi! :)

and thanks to all the lovely people who will be hosting these events!

friday, december 19th:

6:30pm - Solstice Celebration and Kirtan with Daniel Stewart and friends
Rising Lotus Yoga, Sherman Oaks

Join Daniel for a joyful evening of musical meditation and chanting to celebrate the Winter Solstice. He'll be teaching Solstice Flow Yoga at 6:30pm, followed by Kirtan with Larry, Sarah, Sylvie, Abby, and gang. Come to the class or the kirtan or join us for both!

saturday, december 20th:

10:00am - Special Holiday Celebration Class with Tanya Beilke
Woman's Club of Hollywood, 1749 N La Brea Ave, Hollywood

Tanya is one of LA's terrific certified Anusara teachers and she is teaching a special holiday celebration class. Bring your own mats. Bring your own props. Bring your own friends and family. Tanya teaches mostly at her home studio so it's such a treat to have her in this large space.

sunday, december 21st:

7:00am - Winter Solstice Yoga Mala
Santa Monica Yoga, Santa Monica

We will be doing 108 sun salutations in celebration of the winter solstice! Join us at 7:00 am for this FREE event.

5:00pm - Live Harp Restorative with Bekah Finch and Regan Remy
Yoga Blend, Burbank

Experience profound relaxation and gentle healing as you are led by Bekah Finch through a restorative yoga practice while cascading sounds of the gentle harp, played by High Priestess, Regan Remy, serenade you into state of deep stillness.

monday, december 22nd (my actual birthday!):

10:30am - Level 2/3 Solstice class with Hala Khouri and Live Music!
Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, Venice

hala will be joined by the very talented marla leigh on percussion and suzanne sterling on harmonium and vocals. i'm definitely not missing this one!

6:00pm - Vinyasa Flow 3 class with a Mystery Teacher
YogaWorks Westwood, Los Angeles

it's time for another birthday yoga date with my buddy BDB. brock cahill usually teaches this time slot, but according to the yoga works website, he's going to be subbed by a teacher who goes by the name TBD TBD. talk about living dangerously! :)

and yes, i will eventually be doing the usual birthday stuff that "normal" people do... but all that may just have to wait until things calm down after the holidays...