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Monday, March 16, 2009

a birth announcement!

here's some good news from claire hartley and daniel stewart at rising lotus yoga in sherman oaks:

Our new room is open! Our second asana room is located just down the street above Salon True. New classes begin this Monday, 3/16 at 6:45 am with David Lynch, mixed level flow.

We'll be adding more classes in the next couple of months so keep checking the schedule and website.

Our front desk staff will be able to help with questions and direct you to the new space. Please remember to sign in, as you have been, downstairs for any class or workshop.

Please check our website for updates and schedule additions.

Thank you all for your love and support in helping the seeds we've planted become a reality.

See you on the mat!

the schedule for the new upstairs classroom at rising lotus includes a variety of classes ranging from a gentle easy does it with karen rosales to a more advanced the practice with jeff bass, with an assortment of hatha and vinyasa flow classes taught by ashley rideaux, david lynch, elinore cohen, holi rabishaw, mike wagner, sarah bergman, and shannon baker. and rounding out the offerings are more specialized classes like female balancing with shannon branham and yoga tune up with jill miller (which starts in april).

on a related note, santa monica yoga just published their spring schedule which includes a new set of classes in their new classroom. christened the garden studio (to avoid calling it the south of the south studio studio?), this room was annexed last year when their next-door neighbor moved out and the space became available. up until recently, it was used for teacher training programs and workshops. this smaller and more intimate room will now be the new home of santa monica yoga's prenatal, postnatal, ashtanga, and meditation classes. you can access it through the alley in the back, through the garden courtyard -- hence the name :)

and while we're on the topic of prenatal/postnatal classes and new spaces, black dog yoga in sherman oaks spawned a new yoga studio late last year (get it? prenatal/postnatal/spawn -- i know, i try). created by georgina o'farrill, two hearts yoga -- located in the same building as black dog -- offers the pre-/post- classes that georgina used to teach at black dog. it also provides the perfect solution to moms trying to balance their yoga and childcare needs: drop off kids yoga! catering to kids 3 and older, the kids yoga classes are timed so that their moms can drop them off, run over to black dog to take their own yoga class, then run back over to two hearts to pick them up. pretty cool, huh?

while i probably won't be needing to take a prenatal class anytime soon (although it may be an interesting experience worth writing about), you or someone you know might. so be a good friend and pass the word along :)

in the meantime, i'll be checking out the new space at rising lotus... sometime soon, i hope!