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Saturday, May 08, 2010

long live the guerillas!

earlier this year, anusara yoga teacher marc holzman announced that he was making the big move from LA to paris (as in france, not texas). since marc is the heart and soul behind guerilla yoga in hollywood, people wondered what would become of it. would it pack up and leave with him, or would someone take over?

with marc's classes at the hollywood dance center now a regular gathering place for the LA anusara kula, you knew that there was no way anyone would let guerilla yoga become a distant memory! so thanks to a group of anusara teachers who have stepped up to the plate, we'll all still be able to share the guerilla love. yay!

here's marc's farewell note. and even if the fun and games will continue in his absence, he will be missed :(

Dear Guerilla Yogis,

This is one of the last few emails I will be sending from the office of GY. Somehow this abstract move to Paris which seemed so distant is suddenly imminent and very real. I am knee-deep in bubble wrap.

Guerilla Yoga was a perfectly clear representation of the five acts of Lord Shiva as it was danced into existence on April 29, 2007 (Happy Birthday GY!). It was beautifully sustained for three years thanks to all of us. And now it dissolves on Sunday May 16 (my last class). Its full life cycle was peppered with many moments of concealment and revelation.

I am so happy to announce that on Sunday May 23, without missing a beat, GY will be reborn in a new form. An incredible team of five certified teachers will rotate and keep Sundays alive and running. Same time. Same place.

It was my initial intention to let sleeping guerillas lie and close shop. But your voices were heard (loudly), your opinions expressed (strongly), and so a tradition continues.

The team will consist of Tiffany Fraser, Tara Judelle, Joseph Seeman, Hillary Rubin, and Lucy Bivins. The lovely Mackie (Mackananda) will take over the site, redesign it, and post the full schedule very soon.

We are scheduled straight through the summer and from there we will assess. For the success of GY and its continuation, I sincerely urge you to come out and support all the teachers who are participating. As May draws to a close, Tiffany will be teaching the first class on Sunday, May 23 and Lucy will be teaching on Sunday, May 30.

I am very touched that the Guerilla Yoga kula has voted in favor of keeping a tradition alive. And also touched that these five teachers have stepped forward to carry the Guerilla vision into the future.

Please join me on Sunday, May 16 as I teach my final GY class in Los Angeles. A celebratory, bittersweet class indeed.

Maha Love,