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Monday, March 07, 2011

it's mesheeky monday!!

i spend most of my days -- as well as some of my nights -- in yoga pants.

they work perfectly for what i need to do, be it riding my bike to yoga class, to lunch, or to run errands around town. and of course, i wear them while practicing yoga, which, as you know, i do quite often :)

it also happens to be acceptable attire for my job at the LA county bicycle coalition in downtown LA; since most everyone bikes in to work, we're all usually dressed in something comfortably bike-y (even if i usually take the bus instead because of the time and distance involved).

the problem is there are times where i don't necessarily want to walk around looking like i'm headed to yoga class. while it's pretty acceptable on the westside where almost everyone is carrying around a yoga mat anyway, i tend to get odd looks from motorists and pedestrians making their way around downtown. so what to do? should i carry around a change of clothes just so i don't look out of place? there has to be an easier solution...

and there is, thanks to my new mesheeky skirt! all i have to do is pull it over my yoga pants, and voila... i'm dressed in a hip-looking top and skirt with capris or leggings underneath! and when i get to yoga class, all i have to do is pull the skirt off and i'm back to looking like all the other yogis in the room. magic!

and even more magical is that i managed to score a discount code for all of us to use for ONE WEEK ONLY so we can all stock up on this awesome find! by the way, they also sell yoga tanks and pants, so you can be dressed from top to bottom in total mesheekiness!

visit http://www.mesheeky.com/, shop like crazy and fill up your shopping cart, then enter the code AYOGISHEEKY20 to get 20% off everything you buy! and when asked how you heard about mesheeky, i'd love it if you could click on "friend" then specify "accidental yogist" just so they know i sent you :)

fyi -- the code is only valid from monday, march 7th thru monday, march 14th so shop NOW!!


Anonymous Michael said...

this is wonderful and informative blog that occasionally happens but complete the monthly quota, thanks for sharing with us..

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Yoga Teacher Training said...

Love the mesheeky skirts. I wish I had read this post earlier, as I had missed out on using the code. Got the Nico and the Ava skirts. Thanks for sharing this fabulous resource.

12:11 AM  

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