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Monday, May 02, 2011

songs for our souls

the first time i heard tina malia perform live was back in 2007. i'd never heard of her before; she just happened to be the headliner at the grand opening party of truyoga, a yoga studio near where i lived.

from the moment she began to strum her guitar and sing the verses of her opening song to the time she thanked the audience after ending her last song, i sat, mesmerized. her music was beautiful. she was beautiful. when i approached her afterwards and asked her to autograph the jaya bhagavan CD i'd bought that day, she smiled and happily obliged. now every time i play that CD to listen to her chant the gayatri mantra or the title track (with jai uttal accompanying her on dotar and vocals), i get to relive that beautiful experience.

i recently found out that tina malia is working on a new album with guruganesha singh (who often performs with snatam kaur; both were in concert at the wilshire ebell just last march). to promote their forthcoming album, song of the soul, they've embarked on a world tour and will be stopping in the LA area this coming friday, may 6th. it's going to be an exciting blend of their different styles of music -- her sanskrit mantras, his gurmukhi chants, and both of their singer/songwriter compositions; you know you want to be there!

here's the show info for this coming friday:

song of the soul world tour
featuring tina malia and guruganesha singh
friday, may 6th 2011
first christian church, 4390 colfax ave, studio city

open mind creations is currently running a promotional giveaway that ends TODAY -- view this video for the contest rules and you could find yourself and your guests making your way to the valley for a magical evening of music!

i've also worked out a ticket discount for you -- click here to purchase your tickets online and make sure to enter code AYOGIST to get $10 off the ticket price... but do that NOW because the code expires when the online ticketing ends at noon on the 6th!!

by the way, this would make a great mother's day gift for your mother, grandmother, stepmother, even surrogate mother... it's sure to win you bonus points towards favored child status :)

here's the tour press release:


LOS ANGELES (March 24, 2011) – Co-headlined by singer/songwriter/producer/instrumentalist Tina Malia and world devotional visionary/guitarist GuruGanesha Singh, the first leg of the “Song of the Soul” World Tour kicks off April 15, 2011, in Sacramento, CA. Performing a diverse collection of music that spans the globe -- from Kirtan to pop and raga to rock, the soulful evening promises to offer something for everyone. For ticket information and up-to-the-minute tour details, visit www.SongOfTheSoulTour.com.

Tina Malia’s magical voice and profound gifts as a music maker have enabled her to span a multitude of musical genres, from devotional mantras to pop to electronic. Malia’s vast body of work includes her own exquisite albums, as well as performances with artists such as Jai Uttal, Carlos Santana, India.Arie, Kenny Loggins, and Bassnectar. GuruGanesha, perhaps best known for his supple, crystalline guitar work with bhakti superstar Snatam Kaur, is the founder of Spirit Voyage Records and a solo artist with a beguiling back catalog of albums and a new CD slated for May.

“For two hours we have no labels or boundaries; we're simply a community of souls gathered in a safe oasis of love and humanity," said Malia. "Right now in this world we all could use a little hope. But, for us it’s not enough to just remind people about hope; we want to create an environment in which people can hear it, see it and experience it from the inside out whether it’s through one show, one song or one note. “Song of the Soul” is about reigniting hope.”

“There’s an incredible alchemy at work here that you can’t question, you just have to experience it,” said GuruGanesha. “Musically, we’ll be going places where artists in this genre don’t usually go, which makes it so accessible to anyone – great music becomes the connector.”

Acting as catalysts for the divine chemistry of Malia and GuruGanesha are multi-instrumentalist Hans Christian (Rasa, Krishna Das, Robbie Robertson, Jai Uttal, Vas), percussionist/remix master Craig Kohland (Shaman’s Dream, Down Temple Dub, Donna DeLory) and fast rising young bassist Jared May. Given the virtuosity and rich musical history of each band member, this will be a world devotional music super group.

“There’s a whole side of Tina Malia that people haven’t heard and this tour that brings out,” says GuruGanesha.

“When he starts playing his electric guitar the entire place becomes electrified,” adds Malia. “People are going to dance during this show, we promise you that!”


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