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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

say it ain't so!

i'm still stunned by the latest news from bala yoga... i can't believe that they're closing their doors at the end of this month! that's the end of THIS WEEK!!! not only are we losing a fantastic source for anusara yoga, but we're also losing a fabulous studio with lots of FREE parking!

i have only five days left to get to at least one class before bala goes bye-bye :(

here's the email message i received earlier today:

Dear Friends:

As heart-wrenching as it is, we regretfully announce that Bala Yoga will be closing at the end of the month. Our last full day of classes will be Saturday, March 31st, and our final farewell class will be Ross' Sunday 9am class on April 1st. We have exhausted all of our options, and have delayed this decision as long as possible in the hopes that we would be able to pass the studio onto someone else. Alas, this has not been possible.

Although Bala Yoga and YogaInsideOut only merged in December, we feel that we have created a beautiful community of teachers and students, which we will miss. We have made deep connections with many of you and have tried to provide you with excellent yoga.

For those of you with classes remaining, City Yoga has very generously offered to honor your series beginning April 1st. City Yoga is located at 1067 N. Fairfax (corner of Santa Monica Blvd), about two miles west of Bala Yoga. For more information and a schedule of classes, please visit: www.cityyoga.com

As the sun prepares to set on Bala Yoga, we have done our best to consider the needs of our students. We hope that you will all find a new home at City Yoga.

If you have further questions please call: 323-939-6424. We will be checking messages frequently, and will try to respond to all your concerns as promptly as possible.

With love and gratitude,
Ginny Biddle and Ross Rayburn

update as of march 30th: brandon chiang has set up a cyberkula called YogaOrphans, a website for all the "orphaned" bala/YIO yogis and yoginis. check it out; better yet, add yourself to the group if you want to keep in touch with everyone...