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Monday, October 29, 2007

and the list just keeps on growing...

i recently received another email from another yoga studio asking me to cast a vote for them in the myfoxla's best yoga studio poll -- that is, if i felt they were worthy of that title. i liked the fact that they asked nicely :)

so since it had been a while since i last checked, i thought it was a good time to take a look-see.

and to my surprise, the list of nominees appears to have doubled!

here are the nominees; i've indicated the additions with asterisks:

ashtanga yoga shala, silver lake
bikram yoga of covina *
bikram yoga downtown LA *
bikram yoga manhattan beach *
bikram yoga pasadena *
bikram yoga silverlake *
black dog yoga, sherman oaks
bryan kest's power yoga, santa monica
city yoga, west hollywood
creative chakra spa, marina del rey *
earth's power yoga, west hollywood
exhale center for sacred movement, venice *
free spirit yoga, long beach
goda yoga, culver city
golden bridge yoga, hollywood
greenleaf yoga, whittier *
(home) simply yoga, santa monica
inner harmony yoga studio, san pedro
karuna yoga, los feliz *
le studio yoga, hollywood
liberation yoga, los angeles
long beach yoga centre, long beach
lotus kitty yoga studio, valley village *
maha yoga, brentwood
mark blanchard's power yoga, brentwood and studio city
mission street yoga, south pasadena *
ragazzi artistic lounge, whittier *
rising lotus yoga, sherman oaks
rudra yoga center, long beach
santa monica yoga, santa monica
silver lake yoga, silver lake
urth yoga, silver lake *
yoga at the village, glendale *
yoga bindu, san pedro
yoga blend, burbank *
yoga circle downtown, los angeles
yogahop, santa monica
yoga house, pasadena *
yoga kingdom sanctuary, pasadena *
yoga works, various locations
yoga world studio, long beach
yummy yoga, los feliz *

and as of 11:11pm on october 29th, these studios were perched at the top of the list:

mark blanchard's power yoga 25%
rising lotus yoga 24%
goda yoga 12%
yoga at the village 7%

and surprise, surprise! -- sacred movement's finally on the list, although i have to admit that i never got around to nominating them. so thanks to the person who did!

but the info supplied for one of my favorite studios could NOT have been written by someone from the original sacred movement -- aka venice -- location. see here:

"Exhale was a vision that became reality when we realized there was a need to bring high-quality, transformational mind body programming into the city spa setting; creating a destination spa experience that could be part of every day life..."

huh? it may be true for the santa monica location since it's primarily a spa anyway, but the yoga studio in venice? the last i looked, they didn't offer massages nor facials there (although i wouldn't have minded if someone massaged my sore muscles after a rigorous class). and even more strange is the fact that the photos in the photo gallery aren't from either of their locations in LA! or am i just hallucinating because i'm still terribly jet-lagged?!?!

anyway, i've noticed a few studios on the list that i'd never heard of before, so when i finally get my bearings back, i'll go give them a try. after all, some people out there think that each of them is worthy of being best yoga studio in LA :)


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