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Sunday, October 14, 2007

move like an egyptian

i found this note in my e-mailbox today; i thought you might be interested in these FREE intro classes in egyptian yoga (note that the invite is for tuesday and wednesday of THIS WEEK):

My name is Nadia Pillay, I am a new yoga teacher in town. I relocated from Washington, DC and reside in Downtown LA.

The style of yoga I teach is called KEMETIC Yoga (Egyptian Yoga).

KEMETIC YOGA is taken directly from the hieroglyphics etched on the temple walls in Egypt. As a natural and consistent part of their lifestyle, the Pharaohs practiced Kemetic Yoga as a means of staying connected to the royalty within. Kemetic Yoga was only practiced by the Royals.

It is a system of movements and postures aimed at aligning the physical, psychological and spiritual,components within the body. Kemetic yoga provides the connection between these components by continuously moving from one posture to the next using continuous breath. The energy that permeates in the system as the body moves is called SHU: life force. KEMETIC YOGA celebrates the life force and royalty within each individual.

I am offering 2 free classes on OCT. 16 & 17 2007 from 6:30pm-7:45pm @ 610 S MAIN ST. Downtown LA 90014 (Pacific Electric Lofts - Lounge). I would like to invite you and your community of friends to participate in this offer. Please feel free to contact me at shu.yoga@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Nadia Pillay

as for nadia's background, i found this additional info on her profile page at www.sojournals.com:

My objective is to preserve our history and culture at every opportunity I can. Yoga has become a billion dollar industry but in no way has the African origins of yoga been promoted to those that support this industry. SHU YOGA aims to fill that void and support a growing community of individuals, particularly our black community, who are choosing a healthier lifestyle. Promoting a healthier perspective to ones body and BEING is my ultimate goal.

sounds interesting, doesn't it? i'm going to try to make it one of those two days, and if i do, i'll tell you all about it :)