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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

window shopping at 34,000 feet

it used to be that one could somehow while away the time on a long distance air journey by picking up and reading any of the newspapers that were passed around before the plane departed. or later in the flight, one could always spend some time playing the game of "what's THIS mystery meat in my meal today?" alas, with all of that being made available to only the first class passengers (and no, unless i'm given a free upgrade, it's not something i can afford to pay out of my own pocket), there really isn't much else left to do. except perhaps straining to peer over the head of the woman with big hair to see the movie screen while barely being able to hear the dialogue anyway over the crying baby beside me.

oh what fun it is to fly...

recently, i've found myself reaching for the skymall magazine that's found in most airplane seatback pockets and flipping through its pages from cover to cover (by then, i'm usually bored out of my mind). i find it a somewhat amusing read; after all, who knew that there were so many useless gizmos that were invented to make our lives that much easier?

this item, in particular, caught my eye, because it made me wonder if someone had finally come up with the perfect contraption to help me do an inversion by myself away from the wall:

Deluxe Yoga Stand

Relieve your organs of the daily stress of gravity and slip your body into a deep state of enlightenment and relations.
For centuries, yoga masters have known the healing power of inversion. Visit just about any Yoga facility in the world and you will find an apparatus similar to, if not identical to the Deluxe Yoga Stand.
(oh really!?!)
The power of inversion comes from several aspects of our bodies. We are accustomed to either standing, sitting, or lying down. So our organs become used to this constant pull of gravity in the same direction. Most importantly, our vascular systems work hard, fighting gravity to pump blood to the head. With the Deluxe Yoga Stand, gravity is now working in favor of your vascular system and your organs get to experience relief from the strain of gravity.
Measurements: 30" x 7" x 21.75", Weighs: 18.40 lbs.

- Reduce back pain
- Relieve stress
- Improve posture
- Reduce muscle tension
- Increase flexibility
- Reduce effects of aging

Price: $49.95

while i totally agree with the benefits derived from inversions, i still can't see how this supposed yoga stand can easily get me into the pose depicted in the accompanying photo. after all, the last time i tried to do this in huck hirsch's acroyoga class (with brandon playing the role of deluxe yoga stand), i couldn't hold myself vertical without needing someone else to spot me to prevent my legs from falling over :(

i know, it must be me...


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