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Thursday, May 13, 2010

the kosher sutras

i recently received an invite to a series of biblioyoga workshops with marcus freed. the format of the classes were familiar to me since i had attended a couple of these kosher sutra yoga classes when the london-based yogi visited LA last year. wanting to help the organizers promote the event, i tried to look up my post on that experience, but for some reason, i couldn't find it. omg. did i forget to write about it???

it was actually an interesting experience for me. there i was, probably the lone gentile in the group of jewish participants -- some seasoned yogis and some totally new to yoga. we sat on our yoga mats while marcus read passages from the torah. we meditated for a moment to let its message sink in, then proceeded to move through a series of yoga poses. every now and then, marcus would repeat the passage to make us realize that there was some connection between these words of wisdom and the movements we were doing. i guess you could say it was somewhat enlightening. who knew that yoga and hebrew scriptures could mesh as comfortably together as yoga and sanskrit texts?

here's a sample video from the biblioyoga site that'll give you some idea of what i'm talking about: The Biblioyoga Kosher Sutra - Yoga for Joy

after class, while noshing on refeshments that were provided to us, we gathered in a circle to discuss our thoughts. what did the passage mean to us? what was going through our heads while we were doing the poses? did we get anything out of the experience? it's interesting how everyone looked at the same thing in a slightly different way, so by sharing our differing views, we all managed to learn something new that evening. and it wasn't just yoga.

so here's the invite for the upcoming biblioyoga workshops that'll be held starting next week:

Biblioyoga with Marcus J Freed

Bibliyoga is about finding spiritual connections through the body. It is a method that enables you to access your soul in a way that is practical, fun and uplifting. Bibliyoga engages your body, mind and spirit through a combination of dynamic movement and engaging in sacred texts. The practice is life-enhancing, helping you to achieve balance and inner peace. Bibliyoga is available for everyone, regardless of race or religion. Easy to begin and suitable for all ages, it is a whole new body-soul experience.

Monday, May 17, 8pm - Yoga for Summer Loving, Part 1 – The Energy Sequence ( A heart-centred Bibliyoga sequence to build energy and open our heart)

Monday, May 24, 8pm - Yoga for Summer Loving, Part 2 – The Endurance Sequence (A Bibliyoga sequence that will give us tools to endure for the long-term, increasing our personal power and effectiveness).

WHERE: Mimoda Studio Theatre, 5774 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles

COST: The one hour classes are $15 each, or both classes for $25 and are limited to 50 students

HOW: Prepay here: http://yogaforsummerlove.eventbrite.com/

Wear loose clothes and bring a yoga mat.

See Marcus talk about the workshop on YouTube: Yoga for Summer Loving - Marcus J Freed teaches for JConnectLA, May 2010 in Los Angeles

Marcus J Freed followed a path toward becoming the Bibliyogi through his journeys as an actor, writer and educator. His spiritual development included 12 months at a spiritual retreat in the mountains of Efrat, Israel, at Yeshivat HaMivtar. It was there that he studied enlightenment texts with three great Talmudic masters, Rabbis Chaim Brovender, Dovid Ebner and Shlomo Riskin. Marcus gained degrees from the Universities of Birmingham and London, but he met his next teacher at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts, where yoga guru Edward Clark was teaching acting and movement. Marcus entered into a spiritual and yogic pupilage with these teachers which continues today.

Bibliyoga is concerned with extreme innovation while being connected to the Jewish tradition that stretches back 5000 years. In the past 12 months, Bibliyoga has been taught in 8 different countries.