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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

eight days of yoga gift-giving

the eight-day jewish festival of lights, better known as hanukkah, started at sundown this evening, december 1st, and will end at sundown next thursday, december 9th. during this period, jewish families get together to light the menorah, play dreidel games, and eat latkes (among other things). but the most memorable part of the holiday, especially for the kids, is that they receive a gift on each of those eight days. and as a catholic who receives ONE gift for christmas -- and i'm not even going to go into how i get gypped every year because my birthday falls on december 22nd -- there were times i've wished i were jewish just so i'd get more gifts during the winter holiday season!

this year, i've found a way to get eight days of FREE yoga during hanukkah. and because i'm feeling really generous, i'm going to share them with you, too! :)

** update 12/2 - i've added even more freebies to the list: rising lotus yoga just posted their coupon deal for the month AND teri roseman at the liveyoga wellness center in westchester has decided to offer her classes for free during hanukkah!

day 1 - thursday, dec 2nd:

11am-12:30pm at yogis anonymous in santa monica - blissed flow yoga with mary beth la rue
this all-levels class will be broadcast LIVE online worldwide (and yes, there are spots in the room where you can practice out of camera range). some of the crew from lululemon athletica will be attending the class, and rumor has it that they'll be bearing gifts. hmmm...

6:30-8:00pm at yogaglo in santa monica - vinyasa flow level 3 with seane corn
it's a class with seane corn, and it's FREE -- need i say more? by the way, this class (as with almost all yogaglo classes) will be videotaped for archival on their website. and yes, there are spots at the back of the room where you can hide if the thought of being seen by people you do or don't know freaks you out.

day 2 - friday, dec 3rd:

all day at black dog yoga in sherman oaks - any class of your choice
thanks to their december coupon deal (click here to print it out), you can take any class listed on their schedule for today (although to be honest, you really can take *any* class on *any* day during the month of december for free with the coupon, but in my attempt to come up with eight days of yoga, i've decided to make this friday's option).

10:35am-12:05pm at rising lotus yoga in sherman oaks - level 1 with kiera anderson
kiera is one of the two featured teachers of the month at the lotus; with december's coupon, you can take ONE of her classes for free this month! and if you can't make this class, she will also be teaching on monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday (click here to access their email with the coupon - it lists kiera's class times, too).

4:30-5:45pm at liveyoga wellness in westchester - gentle yoga with teri roseman
after reading my blog post earlier today, teri was inspired to share the gift of yoga with all of you, too -- so she's offering ALL her classes during hanukkah for FREE! this will be the only time there will be no charge for this class, so take advantage of the offer while you can!

day 3 - saturday, dec 4th:

10:00am-12:30pm at trump national golf club in rancho palos verdes - rymenmy yoga with rubi reyes
everything you need to know is listed on the meetup page for the class: free classes on saturdays!

11:00am-12:15pm at yoga loft in manhattan beach - yoga foundations class with yogaposer teacher trainees
take a free class with someone who could end up being the next celebrity teacher to the stars. this is LA, after all.

day 4 - sunday, dec 5th:

9:30-10:30am at lululemon athletica calabasas - vinyasa flow with holli rabishaw
according to the website: "Ocho Candalikas": Vinyasa flow yoga with dedication to the Festival of Lights. Elevate your Light one vinyasa at a time! Om Shantih! All levels welcome!

other lulu options --
9:30-10:30am at lululemon athletica brentwood - power yoga with jay co
9:30-10:30am at lululemon athletica glendale - vinyasa flow yoga with bekah finch
9:30-10:30am at lululemon athletica santa monica - radiant body yoga with kia miller
9:30-10:30am at lululemon athletica south bay - power vinyasa flow with tamal dodge
10:00-11:00am at lululemon athletica pasadena - anusara yoga with alma white

5:30-6:45pm at liveyoga wellness in westchester - gentle yoga with teri roseman
this class promises to be extra-special; not only is it teri's birthday, but she'll also have live music with justin and jeremy arndt, too! while justin is shamanic drumming and indigenous chanting, jeremy will be playing the didgeridoo and the rare pantheon halo (aka the hang drum). it'll be a great way to wrap up your weekend!

day 5 - monday, dec 6th:

8:30-9:45am at liveyoga wellness in westchester - basic therapeutic with teri roseman
if you're looking for a class with a healing quality to it, look no further. and don't forget; this is the only time this class will be offered for free on this day/time!

4:30-5:30pm at yogaglo in santa monica - vinyasa flow with jo tastula
jo also teaches her signature classes at exhale center for sacred movement in venice and at the yoga loft in manhattan beach, where you'll have to pay around $20 for a drop-in class at either studio. but it's free at yogaglo. you do the math :)

6:00-7:30pm at yogaglo in santa monica - anusara yoga with noah maze
when the LA anusara kula shows up in force whenever and wherever noah teaches a class, you know you have to be there, too!

6:00-7:25pm at rising lotus yoga in sherman oaks - mixed level flow with kate szilagyi
kate is the other of the two featured teachers at the lotus. like kiera's classes, if you have the december coupon, you can take ONE of her classes this month for free! if this day/time doesn't work for you, she also teaches on thursday at 7:30pm (if you missed the lotus coupon link i posted earlier, here it is again).

day 6 - tuesday, dec 7th:

12:00-1:00pm at liveyoga wellness in westchester - community class with teri roseman
this all-level class is usually offered on a donation basis, but this time it's free!

6:00-7:00pm at yogaglo in santa monica - vinyasa flow with kathryn budig
if you've ever wondered what the bendy yogini with the fantastic body in the toesox ads looks like with her clothes ON, here's your chance... although you'll be so busy trying to keep up with her demanding class that you'll find yourself concentrating on your own form instead of hers. oh well.

day 7 - wednesday, dec 8th:

7:15-8:45am at maha yoga in brentwood - all-levels class with ed rumann
i just found out that ed's now teaching a new early morning class at maha. and to entice everyone to try it out, he's offering your first class with him at this time for FREE (until december 29th only). so if this is news to you, like it is to me, guess what... you won't have to pay for this class!

9:00-10:00am at the santa monica place rooftop deck - yoga class sponsored by nordstrom
it's an all-levels class held outdoors with a view of the pacific ocean. with that in mind, dress in layers; class could start under a damp marine layer then end bathed in warm sunshine.

4:30-5:30pm at yogaglo in santa monica - restorative flow with felicia tomasko ** canceled for today, sorry **
feeling the mid-week blahs? felicia will see to it that you walk out of her class happy and relaxed. you'll spend an hour getting all the kinks out of your body and forgetting about all the work you left behind on your desk. and yes, tomorrow's another day.

6:00-7:00pm at yogaglo in santa monica - power vinyasa flow with dice iida-klein
if you love doing arm balances, inversions, and pushing past your edge, you'll love dice's class!

7:30-8:30pm at yogaglo in santa monica - basics with steven espinosa
if you're still working on getting your basic alignment down, or if you need a refresher, steven's class is definitely the one for you.

7:00-8:15pm at liveyoga wellness in westchester - basic therapeutic with teri roseman
this is your last chance to take one of teri's therapeutic classes at no charge. enjoy!

day 8 - thursday, dec 9th:

on the last day of hanukkah, take a class at a new studio! here are some FREE class coupons/offers you can use if you've never been to these yoga studios before:

core power yoga, sherman oaks - one week of free yoga
le posh yoga, los angeles - one week free for new members
liberation yoga, los angeles - first class free
sivananda yoga vedanta center, marina del rey - first open class is free
the hub, west los angeles - first class free
urban lily yoga, sherman oaks - 2 for free in the winter (select classes only)
YAS, venice/downtown/silverlake - one free yoga for athletes class
yoga house, pasadena - first class is "on the house"

finally, in the spirit of sharing, i'd like to pass along to you this music video that has all the elements of hanukkah -- the greeks vs. the maccabees, latkes, dreidels, menorahs... and nice jewish boys :)

click here to watch candlelight by the maccabeats

"I’ll tell a tale
Of Maccabees in Israel
When the Greeks tried to assail
But it was all to no avail

The war went on and on and on
Until the mighty Greeks were gone

I flip my latkes in the air sometimes sayin ayy ohh spin the dreidel
Just wanna celebrate for all eight nights singin ayy oh, light the candles

We say al hanissim
Oh yea for all eight nights
Then we play dreidel
By the candlelight

And I told you once
Now I told you twice
Bout the miracle
Of the candlelight..."

have a very happy hanukkah, everyone!


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