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Thursday, July 05, 2007

fireworks and firefox

i'm on the road again!

this time, i'm in boston, and because of all the things that my daughters and i have planned for the handful of days that we're together, i have to temporarily put my blogging on hold.

i mean, would i rather sit in a hotel room and catch up on the growing backlog of posts i have to compose, or:

- stand on the banks of the charles river on the 4th of july and listen to the boston pops playing the 1812 overture while a massive fireworks display explodes overhead?

- savor a creamy bowl of boston clam chowder?

- visit the north end and gorge on pasta and cannoli?

- take yoga classes with teachers who have been listed as the best in boston?

i could go on, but my daughter's reminding me that i promised to stay online just long enough to check my email... and that she needs to get back to the work that's waiting for her on her laptop...

speaking of her laptop, i checked my website via firefox, her internet browser of choice, and i discovered that my sidebar had formatting problems that i hadn't seen before... and it's only because i use IE on my computer at home. i've gone ahead and fixed those problems; all those funky font issues you firefox users had been seeing should now be corrected.

it looks like i have to sign off NOW before she permanently bans me from using her laptop... more later...